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Learning Mandarin

SloSlo Registered User regular
Hey folks, my brain is a bit weird, and I have trouble learning phrases in different languages (I really don't know why), but singular words and descriptions stick in my head. All the audio stuff I've been finding seems to be phrases, when I just want what amounts to a dictionary.

Something I can plug into the ipod and listen to on my jogs. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    finralfinral Registered User regular
    Pimsleur has Mandarin audio that you can listen to. It doesn't function solely as a vocab list, but honestly, a vocab list isn't going to get you far with Mandarin by itself. Too much of it is contextual.

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    SilverWindSilverWind Registered User regular
    edited May 2015 has a Daily Mandarin Word of the Day:

    It's mostly useful in bolstering the vocabulary with someone already passingly familiar with Mandarin, but it may be what you are looking for?

    The good thing is that they have the word in both traditional and simplified, include audio, lay out the order of the strokes, and really explain what each character means. Then there are usually two sample phrases with audio for when you want to practice phrases.

    Edit: ...For some reason I didn't see the bit about the ipod/jogs. Which this website will totally not be able to do. But hopefully it is still helpful in some way!

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