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WrestleMania 30


Daniel Bryan is one of the best professional wrestlers in the entire world, a reputation he earned over a decade of wrestling in smaller wrestling organizations all around the world, from high school gymnasiums in the midwest, to...slightly larger buildings in Japan. And then...he finally made the big time, signing with the WWE, only to be ridiculed for his size and appearance, fired, rehired, and forced to lose his first heavyweight title in a match that lasted less than twenty seconds.

But he connected with the fans, culminating in a rise up the card, and finally, a shot at the top prize in the business, the WWE title, against the biggest star in the industry. And he won, only to have the title snatched away by Triple H and the Authority, the people running the whole show. Claiming that it is what was best for business, they kept him away from the title for months...until overwhelming fan support finally forced Triple H's hand. Now, Daniel Bryan has a chance to prove himself a worthy champion...if, he can make it through the Authority, one last time...

Your Prompt

It's hard to say who would be the lovable underdog in this story. Both Squirrel Girl and Carol Danvers are where they are today, largely because their fans wouldn't let them dwell on the sidelines. In this battle, versions of these characters from an alternate universe where comic superheroes are professional wrestlers meet for one final battle. The story doesn't have to match what happened between Daniel Bryan and the Authority. The story doesn't have to line up with any pro wrestling storyline that's ever been written.

That's it, though


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    Women have had a hard go in professional wrestling. They have been at best sex appeal and at worst a trophy for men to grab onto. Carol Danvers had been wrestling since near the beginning. She was originally the sexy sidekick of major front runner Mar-vell, who wrestled under the origins of an alien race. As his human sidekick, Ms. Marvel, she was mostly a set piece for other wrestlers to kidnap, or trap, and he would have to rescue. Not happy with this, Mar-Vell agreed to let her do some fighting. At first it was mostly her vs the sidekicks of other wrestlers, their minions and the like. She would defeat them handily, but was still always upstaged by her longtime friend and mentor.

    Then, one day. Mar-Vell became ill. He announced he would take a leave of absence from the Marvel Wrestling Association, and that Ms.Marvel would go on her own. At first shocked by this news, Carol was even more shocked when a pretender to the name, a young female wrestler named Monica Rambeau took his name and began fighting without Carol. She joined the wrestling group The Avengers, and went with them for awhile, then when Monica Rambeau joined, she left out of disgust. Sadly, her old friend Mar-Vell never did get better, and before announcing his official retirement from the MWA all together, he passes on his title to his long time friend and sidekick, Carol Danvers, who then trounced Monica Rambeau in a actual Title Match, that is a match for the title of Cap. Marvel. After winning this, Carol unveiled her new and improved costume

    Still a part of The Avengers, and having gathered quite a bit of following in her own right, Carol was blazing a path for female wrestlers everywhere. She was a powerhouse, taking down guys that were seemingly untouchable to the crowd. This had inspired a lot of new girls to join up with the MWA, including the young hipster favorite upstart, Squirrel Girl. Carol actually really didn't like a lot of these new generation of wrestlers, she'd been wrestling since nearly the start and these kids were walking all over everything about old school wrestling, even though Carol herself was happy to see more female faces around the ring not afraid to pile drive someone. She'd had to deal with a bunch of recent pretenders to the Cap. Marvel name, including some young jerk named Noh-Varr who claimed to be Mar-Vell's son and rightful holder of the name Captain Marvel.

    Somehow they both wound up in a match for the Championship at Wrestlemania 30. It was going to be the old school vs. the new, the Flying Powerhouse vs. the the Skittering Squirrel, a battle for the ages. Carol had to thank the young new wrestler, as after she won this, Carol would have nothing else to reach for. She'd proven herself to her fans, inspired an entire new generation of wrestlers, and even earned the respect of the man she use to work under. Even without the belt, she had become a champion.

    It lasted a grueling hour and half, neither of these two would back down, and finally, when it looked like both would pass out from exhaustion, Thanos, the Mad Titan and Vice President of the MWA swooped in and said HE was the holder of the title. Carol wiped the blood from her mouth and looked over and Squirrel Girl, this young upstart who wanted to take everything she had earned, she looked back at Carol, they exchanged a nod, and they bother went in on Thanos.

    In the end, Carol and Squirrel Girl both held the belt high, but her heart, Carol knew she was and would forever be, a champion.

    Winner: Captain Marvel

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    My fanfic everyone.

    Now I could have your attention over here I have a shipping chart all ready to go......

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    The MWF, Marvel Wrestling Federation. Carol "Captain Marvel" Danvers is an All American girl, with a wrestling pedigree to make any member of the roster envious. She goes toe to toe with the likes of Thor and Abomination, mixed gender fighting rules be damned.

    "The Unbeatable" Squirrel Girl is an up and coming face, riding a hot streak with some of the Federation's biggest heels having jobbed to her in impossible victories. The two faces crossing paths was not impossible, but being at odds was definitely a swerve many didn't see coming.

    It began innocently enough. Danvers was locked in a match with Thanos, the Mad Titan, for the Intergalatic title. Right as he was about to lock in his submission hold, Death's Embrace, Squirrel Girl rushed the ring to save Danvers. The resultant disqualification lead to hard feelings between the two, with Danvers repaying the favor and interfering with Squirrel Girl's rematch against Dr. Doom, costing her her shot at the Intercontinental Title. The two were at that point determined to see which one was indeed the best wrestler, and set up a match for the next MWF event, Secret Wars. Danvers' new stable, the Guardians of the Galaxy, attempted to aid her in the feud, trying to get an upper hand before the match. Squirrel Girl received unexpected, but welcome help from other new heroes, Kate "Hawkeye" Bishop, America Chavez, Loki, and most surprisingly, Kamala "Ms. Marvel" Kahn (A self-proclaimed "#1 fan" of Captain Marvel) and in doing so, formed a new faction called "Now!". The Guardians would resort to some dirty tricks (Suiting their role as a tweener stable) but ultimately Now! would fight them off and stand tall in the ring. Some great promos are cut by both sides (Kate Bishop in particular has great mic skills, reducing Starlord to hysterics during one "shoot" promo)

    Secret Wars would come, with many big matches occurring. Everyone was all heated up for the Danvers/Squirrel Girl tussle. They were not disappointed. Captain Marvel brought her powerhouse style to the arena, swinging hard and no selling Squirrel Girl's first attempts to bring her down. Squirrel Girl's usual luck wasn't helping her this time, and Now! as well the GotG were having an interference pileup brawl outside the ring (Despite admonishments from Commissioner Living Tribunal that no interference would be tolerated) Squirrel gets in some fantastic hits finally, bringing Danvers down. Ultimately though, while her effort is valiant, and after landing a Death from Above and Nuthoarder, Squirrel Girl is pinned after Captain Marvel lands a solid knock out punch. The crowd loves the clean finish, and Danvers helps Squirrel Girl to her feet, the pair shaking hands before Squirrel Girl raises up Danvers' hand.

    Winner: Captain Marvel

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    Day One Voting is Here

    Remember, the floor is still open for debate!

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    I don't have a solution for this one, but I will say if you have a person who is "unbeatable" then you'll have to make damn sure you're at the right venue for them to finally be defeated.

    'course, from what little I know of Wrestling, the current management is kinda dumb about squandering stuff like that.

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