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Cinco de Mayo!



  • ChincymcchillaChincymcchilla Registered User regular
    Landshark and Corona don't taste the same

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    Raijin Quickfoot
  • JoeUserJoeUser Registered User regular
    buncha smooth talkers trying to neg my beer in here?? fucked up

    They call me smooth guy, 'cause I be drinking mad smoothies

    PSN: JoeUser80 Steam
  • JasconiusJasconius sword criminal mad onlineRegistered User regular
    edited May 2015
    a5ehren wrote: »
    Corona (and Corona Lite) are acceptable when you drown out their flavor with a lime slice.

    this is what i do and I love it. although I wouldn't say drown out. it accents it perfectly. it's like they brewed it TO be had with lime on purpose

    i have had many exotic beers and craft beers and beers on different continents of the planet and there is always a place in my fridge for corona

    Jasconius on
    Beef Avenger
  • Beef AvengerBeef Avenger Registered User regular
    Corona with lime is a nice very light beverage. Seem like a really odd thing to have malice towards

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  • SeñorAmorSeñorAmor !!! Registered User regular
    edited May 2015
    Beer? Silly proletariat plebeians.

    Me and the rest of the aristocracy drink cocktails like civilized folk.

    Beer. Harumph. I turn my nose up at the notion.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to resolve a dispute between my butler and my guest house butler. Silly chaps are always arguing over who gets to clean my second and third pool houses.

    SeñorAmor on
  • miscellaneousinsanitymiscellaneousinsanity grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, i hurt peopleRegistered User regular
    Butters wrote: »
    Heineken is ok too it just skunks really easily for some reason. I'd blame the green bottle but I've never had a skunked Beck's which is pretty much the same beer.

    TheStigMego ThorBucketmanOdinthe cheat
  • Raijin QuickfootRaijin Quickfoot I'm your Huckleberry YOU'RE NO DAISYRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    Look, drink whatever you like and enjoy it. I know I'm a beer snob when it comes to what I drink but I won't begrudge someone for drinking swill.

    Just disgusting swill.

  • HawkstoneHawkstone The state of intoxicationRegistered User regular
    I think I am going to make some Burritos and Margaritas for dinner in honor of Mexican St. Patties day.

    Inside of a's too dark to read.
  • Raijin QuickfootRaijin Quickfoot I'm your Huckleberry YOU'RE NO DAISYRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    I'm making fajitas tonight.

    We're I still in Florida I would be going to a friend's house and eating homemade empanadas made by his Mexican born mother.

  • POKÉMON MASTER WT SHERMANPOKÉMON MASTER WT SHERMAN i can make this march and i will make georgia howlRegistered User regular

    i hope everyone had a nice may fifth

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    3ds: 1504-5717-8252
  • LadaiLadai Registered User regular
    edited May 2015
    Since first reading that Achewood years ago, "I am definitely not afraid of the fucking police right now" has become my immediate response whenever I'm kinda drunk and someone asks how I'm doing.

    Ladai on
  • BucketmanBucketman Call me SkraggRegistered User regular
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