Round One: Damian Wayne vs. Jaime Reyes

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Scream is one of the most critically acclaimed horror movies of all time, featuring a bunch of characters who knew all of the rules of horror movies thrown into...a horror movie.

Your Prompt

Jaime Reyes and Damian Wayne have found themselves in a similar scenario. Who will be the sole survivor?

Or is one of them the murderer?!?!?!




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    Well, let's be honest here.

    Damian, as much as we love him, is kind of a little shit, and in a possible future he sold his soul to the devil. Meanwhile, his league of assassins upbringing does not include horror movies. He's totally the killer.

    Meanwhile, Jaime Reyes is equipped with an alien weapon system on par with a green lantern ring, a healthy upbringing including plenty of horror movies, and is so squeaky clean his hidden dark side is a dentist.

    Horror movies are modern morality plays. You're asking who's rewarded, the working class good student and friend or the snotty rich bastard?

    Pretty clear who comes out of this on top.

    Jaime Reyes takes this at a walk.

    But Damian gets to reach out for the camera in an ominous fashion just before the credits.

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    I think I've got a pretty good idea for this...

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    Nevermind. Made a guess, but don't want to ruin it if someone wanted to do that.

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    Damian and Jamie are chilling in the house playing video games, the phone rings, Damian answers.

    Some creepy voice begins making ominous threats, but is cut short by a gurgling noise as Damian has already traced the call and taken him out via remote Batwing,

    In the background Jamie beats a boss in the video game.


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