Round One: Emma Frost vs. Mystique

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Elm Street


Years ago, a group of concerned parents burned a man alive. Now he stalks their children in their dreams, killing them while they sleep...

Your Prompt

A Nightmare on Elm Street is a horror classic. Emma Frost and Mystique are some of the more mind-bending villains in Marvel comics. Do something with that, will you?

One, two, Freddy's coming for you...




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    “I’ve lived a long, long time, but I swear to everything holy I’m never going back to Elm Street”.

    April 6th 1977
    “Dear Diary, Danny was mean to me again. He said brown hair is ugly and pulled on it all through class. I hate him, I hate him so much! I wish he would fall on his face and break his dumb nose.”

    Okay, yes, at one point in my life, I was boring. A boring, boring housewife, living in a boring, boring little suburb in California. I needed it okay? You don’t just get over being driven out of your home because your kid looks like you really do. I needed time, time to heal, time to get over it. You never get over something like that, but I tried, by God I tried. It helps when you can look like anyone. At least, that’s what I tell myself. I can be anyone, anywhere, why not here? No one will hurt me here….

    May 21st 1977
    “Dear Diary,
    I met a scary man yesterday, he came up to me when I was walking home. He wanted to give me a Wonka Bar! But I could hear him, so I ran because he was scary and saying scary things. “

    What the f***. I come to the ass end of California and this is what I get. Some asshole is running around killing kids, in my goddamn backyard. Go to America, I said, It’s safe, I said. And now this crap. UGH. This is why I hate people, everywhere I go, someone’s killing someone or oppressing people or hurting someone. At least it’s over and they caught the bastard.

    November 17th 1977

    “Dear Diary,
    Mommy and Daddy were really sad about something I gave mommy a hug but she sent me to bed I want them to be better please.”

    WOW. I okay, now I’m leaving, these people are crazy. Apparently they caught the guy and they BURNED HIM ALIVE. That is insane. Apparently Marge and her little posse decided to deal out they’re own personal justice. I don’t blame them, but goddamn, they burned him alive. I won’t say he didn’t deserve it, he got off on a technicality after killin 3 kids. But I’ve been around AWHILE, and you never forget the smell of burnt flesh.

    Part 1: End.

    Geebs I hate you for this. Hate you SO MUCH.

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    January 7th, 2001
    “My Parents are dead”

    Don’t get me wrong, they hated me. They hated what I am, but even so, I would never wish death on those horrible primitive creatins, more so because I wanted to rub my success in their stupid faces. My bank account has seven figures. I’m beating that pompous ass as his own game. My body is worth more than a Lamborghini. My life is PERFECT.

    And yet I’m here, at a funeral, for the two Homo sapiens who gave birth to ME, and they had the audacity to die before I could properly make their lives properly miserable. I suppose the last indignity they could put me through is force me to come back to THIS place, full of crazies and murderers.

    Apparently there were a series of death here involving some of the pompous apes that used to attend my High School. HA, High School. It was the best and wor...

    “Are you seriously THAT self-absorbed that you don’t notice you’re monologueing to yourself under your breath?”

    I know that shrill, faux soprano tone….RAVEN…

    “You know you’re still doing it. And I’m not shrill, and if you weren’t signing my checks I would shove you into that coffin…”


    “Raven what in God’s name are you doing here? I pay you to TEACH those rotten brats, not sulk around in that homely form following me!” Emma said in her signature false English accent.

    “Whaaat? And miss you going on this little SECRET excursion to Orange County? I wouldn’t miss it for the WORLD. Besides what’s the worst that those kids can do.....no, really, I’m asking what’s the worse they can do. They’re as dangerous as a ravenous pack of bunnies.”

    Emma looked at Mystique with quite visible contempt (But to be fair, she looks at EVERYONE this way)” That’s the point! UGH, to the matter at hand, why do you look like a 50 year old housewife”

    “I WAS a 50 year old housewife! It would be rude not to play the part! Imagine my surprise to find out that YOU grew up in one of my old stomping grounds. I hated it here”

    Emma smiled, which shouldn’t be physically possible, but it happened, “Well I see that is one thing that we agree on. If it wasn’t for this funeral I wouldn’t even be here.”

    “Oh yeah! Parents! That was a great little speech by the way, I got chills.” Mystique briefly changes her face into Emma, “My body is a LAMBORGINI!!” in the most false English accent possible, but somehow, better sounding then Emma’s.

    Emma hangs her head in disgust, “Come on, we’re leaving, I can’t stand these peoples bestial odors no longer.”

    “Wait, why are you leaving your own parents funeral? I mean, I know you got the whole ‘Ice Queen’ thing going on…”

    “ Please, no one here would recognize or know me, and I do not wish them too. I came because of ceremony and nothing more, but the girl they know is dead”

    Mystique, after a brief silence, puts two and two together, “Wait, if you grew up here, and I was here, weren’t you around for those murders of those high school kids back in the 90’s? They were going on saying that guy these crazies burned was killing people”

    Emma laughs, as if remembering something pleasant, “Oh yes, I remember. It’s true, by the way, the thing came after me as well, apparently my parents also played a part in his death. It was quite unfortunate, since he happened to come after me after my gifts had blossomed. Turns out he didn’t like burning to death over and over again in my mind. He hasn’t decided to bother me again, apparently…”

    Mystique sighed, for that answer was inevitable, “Yes, of course you burned a ghost in your mind over and over again. Whatever, let’s get out of here.”

    The two made their way out of the cemetary, and Emma stops, for a brief moment...

    “Oh, by the way Raven, I’m docking you a month’s pay for following me”


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    This was so so hard and my entry is so, so bad because Mystique brings basically nothing to the table against Freddy, and also, I'm a terrible writer.

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