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Hey people,

Been lurking around for a little while and I think this could be a nice place to dump whatever I'm working on and get some feedback. I come from a mostly traditional background sketching and oil painting but have just made the jump into a 3D Design and Animation course. So I am trying to get my cartooning skills sharper so I can make some cool shit.

Anyway, I'm sure it will be a pleasure getting to know you all.

Heres a drawing I tossed together for May the Fourth.


Followed by a T-shirt design for a mates band.


And lastly this is what I was working on before having a break. Mucking around with a different style of drawing than I'm used to.


Edit: Sorry for the awkward image sizes, I was kinda hedging my bets that I'd be able to shrink with BBCode but alass. I'll try to make them less blindingly large in the future

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    acadiaacadia Registered User regular
    I like your sense of color, and I'd like to see a more 'finished' piece, but your drawings are fun to look at, so that's always good. Keep posting stuff!

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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
    The Tee is probably the most solid thing. I'd love to see the traditional work.

    Getting into cartooning is more difficult than people perceive if they've been traditional the whole time they've been an artist, If you havent, take some notes about which cartoonists you are really into. I gave brushwoodmutt these links a little while ago, they may help you too:
    Iruka wrote: »
    The books listed in the Comic Resource Master Post are also a really good place to start. Drawn to life is a good book to put your hands on, especially. If you are going to do animation, You'll also want The Animators Survival Kit, its a pretty worthwhile resource.

    People really underestimate how well those golden age animators and cartoonists understood the basic principals of form and light. Cartoons are made out of primary shapes and if you cant use them consistently you wont be able to draw believable characters. For rants on this, John K: http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/search/label/construction

    I would do some master studies, and in your case, that would probably be golden age cartoon redrawing (bugs, daffy, really pushing yourself to construct those characters and to do it on model). It also looks like you are probably rushing your drawings, You are going to need to slow down and try to push the quality so that you can see what you are capable of.

    Welcome to the forum, hope to see more work!

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