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Asteroid Initiative Introduction-

This is a game primarily about exploring space and building rockets, however with the addition of a threat/lose condition. The premise for the game is that you are a space agency that has been put into action to help defend your planet against asteroids headed to collide with your planet. So you must build rockets to stop the asteroids by various methods. Exploding them, harpooning them and dragging them to a new orbit, perhaps if you are skilled enough and attach enough rockets to an asteroid you could even land it on your planet to extract it's resources!
While you are not defending the planet from the immediate threat you can explore the solar system and start colonies on other planets, or perhaps even discover what has caused so many asteroids to be directed towards your home planet, aliens? a new planet? find out! Just ensure you are keeping the asteroids from wiping out your planets population, if you have no people left then your space agency fails, you can also fail if the people of your planet lose faith in your ability, or become so comfortable that they stop believing there is a threat.

Ultimately I would like to release on iOS as well, but I feel like the game needs a thorough amount of balancing and development before I take that step.

Latest Version P0.21
Shift/Ctrl - increase/ decrease thrust
X - Engines off
A/D - RCS left/Right
W/S - RCS forward/back
Q/E - Rotate left/right
B - Detonate all bombs connected
Space - Fire separators (currently fires all separators on a vehicle)
Mouse wheel - Zooom in/out
V - Change view mode (currently has bug where direction vectors point in wrong direction if you use the planet relative view)
While Rocket Building, Ctrl + Mouse wheel - raise/lower ship, can be used on launch verification menu as well.

Other Notes:
- Click on Engines - Currently Activates/Deactivates the engine (when building a multi Stage rocket you must click off engines in a higher stage, and then click on when you want to use them)
- Engines currently only use fuel from tank they are connected to, will be changed when fuel hoses are added.
- While random spawning asteroids will hit and lower your planet population, there are currently no side effects of this happening.

!!! Be aware this is a prototype version of the game, the user interface is only about 15% complete, parts are not balanced in anyway, planetary gravity and atmospheric settings are all very much not final. Expect bugs, and expect a very incomplete game !!!

Download Link Version - Proto0.21

Core Features:

- Rocket building
- Space Exploration
- Direct control of spaceships (using WASD, etc.)
- Planet Management
- 100% physics based
- Anti Asteroid Combat

Hopeful Future Features:

- Interstellar travel
- Extravehicular activities (walking outside of rocket on planets)
- Internal vehicle management (moving inside vehicle)

Current Part List:
- Remote Control Cone
- RCS Block
- Fuel Tank Small/Medium
- Three chemical Engines
- Bomb Block
- Nose Cone
- Inline and Side separators.

Parts Coming Soon:
- Harpoon Launcher
- Self Guided Pod
- Dry Fuel tank
- Dry Fuel Booster 2 sizes
- Landing Legs
- Fuel line
- (suggest a part!)

The building system is a simple node based system.
Parts can be attached to any free node of the same color, provided they do not collide into other parts.

Simple physics!

Landing is currently pretty difficult... But possible.

Email: [email protected]

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  • OMalleyNymOMalleyNym Registered User regular
    Thank you for posting this! I will post an update with a fresh download link whenever I update the game! If you like the idea of the game, I am currently trying to get the game Greenlit to be released on Steam. Greenlight

    Planetes Discord:
  • OMalleyNymOMalleyNym Registered User regular
    New version is up!


    This update ProtoV0.22 Includes:

    New features include:

    -Time acceleration/deceleration. (auto slows down when nearing planet/moon/star)
    -Fuel flow between tanks
    -Control of parts via clicking on them in flight (applies to certain parts)
    -Fuel quantity indicators on tanks

    New Parts:

    -Crew Transfer Capsule MKI (no crew yet) (has built in docking port)
    -Docking ports
    -Service Orbital Engine
    -Medium to Small angled Adapter.


    -Flights already in motion for you to select and check out new features faster.
    -Engine balancing. (fixed a bug that kept engine flame from properly heating things that they touched)
    -Fire individual decouplers by left clicking them. (bug: at high velocities clicking is inaccurate and you may need to click many times quickly)
    -Undock by right clicking them (same bug as above)
    -Left click command modules to switch to controlling that vehicle (same bug as above)
    -Left click engines to turn on/off (same bug as above)

    Download ProtoV0.22

    On the list for Upcoming versions:


    -Launch Pad fixes (issues with parts blocking launch pad, for now the best way to clear pad is make a rocket with a bomb and set it off on the pad hit key "B")
    -Add distance indicator to target vector.
    -Add distance indicator to asteroid vector.
    -Add auditory indicator when entering the proximity of a planet/moon.
    -Fix issue with clicking parts when traveling at high velocity.


    -Fuel Hoses
    -Harpoon Launcher
    -Booster Rockets
    -Small diameter Fuel Tanks
    -New Planet/Moon (request what you would like to see next!)

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  • OMalleyNymOMalleyNym Registered User regular
    Today I solved a nasty performance issue with some code and optimized it greatly, boosting performance by about 300% So I made a little video with explosions and colliding dynamic objects to show off how smooth it all went! Throughout the testing frame rate held well above 150fps!

    Enjoy! Watch in HD and full screen if you can, this will allow you to see all the dynamic debris that perpetuate destruction while in orbit. Sort of a mini Kessler Syndrome.

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  • OMalleyNymOMalleyNym Registered User regular

    This post is a bit of a resurrection, but this game has been in continuous development. After the game was successfully green lit it when through a long phase of being completely redesigned and the original idea is only a skeleton of what the new game is.

    It was even renamed and is now called Planetes. Why Planetes? Planetes from the Greek means wanderer or traveler, so it holds a double meaning of "Planet Wanderers"

    We have a discord server where people can observe the development, and give us ideas and feedback if they desire, our discord is also where you can signup to help test the game with us!


    Planetes Discord:
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