The [Wrestling Thread] Is Experiencing Some Hard Times



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    Vann DirasVann Diras Registered User regular
    Suge D and some other dude are dance wrestling to Beat It

    I love wrestling

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    HjorvarthrHjorvarthr Registered User regular
    Nirya wrote: »
    Speaking of Pick'ems,

    With the Money In the Bank ladder match occurring this show, we still need participants for the match. There are 7 spots available, and best promos get a spot, so get cracking.

    You know if I win the case, I'll use the Nappa strategy of holding on to it until everyone gets pissed at me

    then use it when I want to and beat the strongest champion

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    Goose!Goose! That's me, honey Show me the way home, honeyRegistered User regular
    And then lose it to your next opponent

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