First overclock, using i5 3570k

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Hey guys, I started this in the PC thread but I had more questions and I didn't want to take up space there since I may have more issues (hopefully not!)

Today, I spent some time reading guides on overclocking and watching online tutorials. Namely these two (same source, very well made):



Currently I have set my i5 3570k to run at 4.00ghz with Turbo turned off since it is set lower by default and I didn't want to mess with it. I switched the vcore from auto to 1.16, as that is what the default number was showing.

After booting up and trying out a few games, I set the memory to XMP profile 1, setting it to the RAM's factory specified speed and voltage.

So far, everything works great! However, I have yet to run any stress tests as I am unsure about which to use and am worried about any possible damage as I have read that certain programs may override the vcore setting.

Since my OC is so small and the vcore has been set to the default setting, what sort of test should I go with? Is it even necessary with such a small change? Any other suggestions are certainly welcome, thank you!

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    I wouldn't actually worry about stress tests. Most of the stress tests like Prime95 and whatnot don't mirror real-world usage. Download something like the Unigine Heaven benchmark. Can you get through that without crashing? If so, you probably won't have any issues. I have my 3770k at 4.3ghz, and haven't ever had any issues.

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