The Great Big E3 Thread of Announcements, Leaks, Hype, and Doom!



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    Mr.SunshineMr.Sunshine Registered User regular
    EA's marketing team has always been a bunch of idiots.

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    It's seriously weird because honestly? If EA had cut out the dumb celebrity bullshit and kept to the trailers, it'd actually be a pretty damn good conference. But they don't understand pacing and it's as if they know the EA Sports stuff is boring as sin so they force people to wait so they can watch for the little nuggets of gold sitting in between the piles of shit.

    Overall though, god fucking damn is this a good week for gamers. For all gamers! Everyone has some good shit to look forward to.

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    Muddy WaterMuddy Water Quiet Batperson Registered User regular
    Avalanche put explosions in your explosions


    Just Cause 3 looks like so much fun you guys

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    PikaPuffPikaPuff Registered User regular
    edited June 2015
    No man's sky has resource requirements. When you start the game you might not even have the materials to leave the solar system. The demo shown had a star map with white lines on where he was in-game had enough gas to go to, but he used god mode (probably) and picked a random place anywhere in the universe.

    PikaPuff on
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    CorpekataCorpekata Registered User regular
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    EA I think is the only one that didn't have like any surprises too. Well, I guess besides bringing Pele on stage, but that was more of a dirty diaper sort of surprise.

    Edit: Oh wait they had Unravel, which was probably the highlight of their conference anyway.

    Corpekata on
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    Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
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    So let's see here, based on my super duper personal criteria.

    Bethesda: Doom looks neat, but I'm not completely sold. I need to see it played by someone who's job ISN'T to show off the cool new engine to an audience. Also bummed that the weapon and enemy design seems more Doom 3 than Doom1/2. Dishonored 2 looks neat but it was just a CG trailer. The Fallout 4 stuff is insanely cool, to the point where I'm gonna give it props even though I'm not interested in getting Fallout. That iOS game looked really cool though.

    Microsoft: Gears of War Ultimate Edition looks okay (they should have mentioned the beta stuff at the conference), Gears 4 barely showed anything so I'm reserving judgment, no new Banjo game or Shadow Complex 2 though. New Rare game doesn't look to be up my alley, sadly. The Rare collection is an insanely, though I'd have most of those games I wanted already through backwards compatibility. Back compat is insanely awesome this late in the stage, but given how the 360 back compat went, it remains to be seen for how long this will be supported. Recore looked interesting as a CG trailer and Cuphead looks divine. Overall, a VERY average Microsoft panel, and with the news that Gears is coming to PC, I can honestly say I can hold off on a Xbone for another year. Hololense is god damned voodoo, but I don't see myself owning one.

    EA: Unraveled looked great and... uhh.. Mirror's Edge being open world is cool, but I never got the hang on that game and probably won't pick up the sequel. Battlefront looks like Star Wars Battlefield, which is about what I'd expect. I miiiiiggghht pick it up. Didn't get to see the other Star Wars game or the new IP from Edmonton. I'm trying not to put stuff I hated into these write ups, but I felt all the sports and mobile talk was just too much to not mention.

    Ubisoft: New South Park is pretty unexpected, especially this early, so that was cool. That was the only thing that peaked my interest. Really bummed we didn't see any cool little games like Gone Home or Valiant Hearts. Super bummed we didn't get "FarCry 4: Dinosaur Island" Beyond Good and Evil 2 seems to be dead, but I'm not surprised.

    Sony; Good Grief

    Last Guardian: Wasn't interested in it in the first place, I thought the movement looked a bit janky and the gameplay seemed average, but MAN, the Last Guardian you guys!
    FF7 Remake: Never played the original, don't care for JRPG's and will never get this, and it probably won't come out for years, but MAN, FF7 remake you guys!
    Shenmue 3: Never played the originals, don't plan to play this ever, and it was a Kickstarter in the middle of a press conference, but MAN, Shenmue 3 you guys!

    Horizon looks neat, No Man's Sky needs more than 3 fucking minutes to to show me what that game is, quit trotting it out just to remind people it exists (and its coming to PC anyway), Firewatch looks as cool as when I saw it at PAX. Overall, for me, this was an average press conference, and I still have no major compulsion to buy a PS4, but for the rest of the industry holy shit was that the definition of hype. I got a contact excitement from it!

    Nintendo: Dropping the Metroid Prime name onto a chibi coop dungeon crawler (?) shooter that doesn't even star Samus is just heartbreaking, especially with no other Metroid title announced. Maybe this thing will have metroid style exploration? Is that too much to hope? Also, there was just too much stuff from last year here. The DS Zelda game was the only new thing that really interested me, and even that was kind of meh. This was a below average conference for Nintendo, IMO.

    Square-Enix: Nothing really interested me, but I knew that going in. (Lara Croft GO almost had me, but I really wish they had used the "game piece" art-style from Hitman GO) Had a little too much stuff shown at other conferences, but otherwise it was an acceptable effort.

    PC Games: Too many people had nothing new to show (whether they had nothing new, or had already spilled the beans in an earlier conference; trouble with going last I guess) but this still had some stuff that caught my interest. Gears and No Mans' Sky confirmed for PC was really cool. Free StarCraft micro-campaign was a super neat announcement that I didn't expect. I think those were the only new things that caught my eye. No Croteam, sadly, and CliffyB was kind of a waste of space there. I was already sold on Tacoma and Strafe and didn't see anything there to affect my anticipation levels. No Half-Life 3, but that was expected. Overall, this one went better than expected, but had too much fluff (I think the host said it best "We invited a lot of people and they all said yes!") Will be interesting to see how it goes next year if they do it again.

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    StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    Ya'll get one more thread for post-conference discussion.

    Geth, please close the thread

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    GethGeth Legion Perseus VeilRegistered User, Moderator, Penny Arcade Staff, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    Affirmative Bobkins Flymo. Closing thread...

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