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I've been experiencing another springtime of drawing in my life, and that seasonal rhythm dictates that I eventually return here in search of critique and inspiration.

Brief background: I have a (useless) liberal arts degree in sculpture. I did about half of an M.Arch before dropping out. I grow produce for a living. My artistic ambitions are focused on creator-owned projects (I lack the emotional fortitude for creative freelancing.) Some artists I admire are Zak Smith, Eddie Campbell, Heather Gwinn, Cedric Plante. I like looking at things that feel extemporaneous or even naive, or that juxtapose beauty and other non-beauty concepts.

I draw mostly with pens--either felt-tipped multiliners or rapidographs--and have a preference against doing erasable underdrawings. I work very iteratively, and recycle lots of barely-begun drawings. I often warm up by following timed recorded life drawing sessions from youtube, or by drawing my family around the house. Other than that, I rarely draw directly from reference. I re-read my Loomis books a lot. I have to look through the backside of the paper pretty often or my drawings develop a strong skew toward the upper right. I suffer from a lack of patience when drawing.

Here are some warm-up sketches I've done recently, 2-5 minute poses:

Some other figures from imagination:

Then here's some things closer to what I'm trying for as a finished product (part of a map card project for Dungeon World):



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    LyricalLyrical Registered User regular
    Some Gibson studies and some bird ladies.


    on studies

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    LyricalLyrical Registered User regular

    Battle chicken I'm working on. Trying to figure out how to introduce more areas of black, having a hard time with it.

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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
    Love that chicken.

    Your eyes seem to be a bit flat on the face in some of your drawings, I would spend a little while looking more carefully at their form and maybe reigning in your strokes around the area to better describe whats going on.

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    EncEnc A Fool with Compassion Pronouns: He, Him, HisRegistered User regular
    Battle chicken is amazing. I showed it to one of my players and now he is trying to roll a gnome chicken chevalier for his next character in pathfinder.

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    LyricalLyrical Registered User regular
    Thanks guys! And thanks for calling my attention to the eyes, I've been trying to treat them more carefully.

    Here's a stack of vignettes and characters I've been working on for a game I'm running:

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    EncEnc A Fool with Compassion Pronouns: He, Him, HisRegistered User regular
    T-that robot! To do list:
    • Scythe something
    • grab them and stab??
    • Smash them!
    • Earn my forever love <3

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