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Kinect Exercise Games

QuidQuid Definitely not a bananaRegistered User regular
Hey y'all

I'm buying an Xbone soon and one of the bigger draws for me is using the Kinect for exercise. I'm curious about people's experiences with the available programs and a couple in particular: Kung Fu High Impact and UFC Personal Trainer. I really enjoy kick boxing so both seem more or less up my alley but I'd like to know if there might be any better options.


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    Local H JayLocal H Jay Registered User regular
    I haven't used it much, but Xbox Fitness keeps track of calories burned and has lots of different work out programs. It also grades you on how well you execute the exercise, giving helpful tips on how to do each one correctly. I think it is around $60 a year but I am not sure.

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    QuidQuid Definitely not a banana Registered User regular
    Oh hey, are there any activity trackers that can sync with the xbone?

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