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On multiposting

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
Hello chaps!

The advent of Twitter has lead to a rise in people posting multiple times in a row. This is not ideal! It bogarts the conversation and is kind of obnoxious. The occasional double post is no big deal (I do it all the time) but that should be the limit of it. We have an edit button and an extremely generous character limit. If you have more to say, edit it into your post. I don't want to see any more instances of multiple one sentence posts in a row. One guy just posted six times in a row! We're going to infract you, that guy! It's super obnoxious.

On a related note, if you're someone who has developed a habit for reporting every single person you see posting more than once in a row, maybe slow your roll a little. Let's see how the honour system and gentle reminders from other users can suffice.

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This forum has taken everything from me
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