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Child's Play Trivia Australia 2015 - $5000+ Prize Pool!

SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
edited September 2015 in PAX Australia
Friends! Romans! Countrymen (and -women)!

We're back!

I've been terribly lax in letting you all know this, but we are a solid lock for another pre-PAX Australia trivia night.

For those who have no idea what I'm rabbiting on about, myself and some friends ran a trivia night on the Wednesday before PAX last year in order to raise money for Child's Play. The event was held at Games Laboratory and it was a hoot! And by "hoot" I mean "we raised $4400 for Child's Play (ear-marked for Sydney Children's Hospital), almost drank Alchemist's Refuge dry, and had more fun than would fit on a dozen generously-sized buns". :biggrin:

We're back at Games Lab again this year, are still sanctioned by Jamie at Child's Play, and once more have Wizards of the Coast (awesome peoples that they are) as our major sponsor. We also have an ever-growing prize pool, an eye for fun, and more than a little manic enthusiasm about the whole thing. We're also not making any money off it ourselves, and are looking to make it a fixture of the PAX Aus period in Melbourne.

The Wednesday night time has been deliberately chosen (and continued) to maximise possible Enforcer attendance, and while I know we're not the only show in town that night, we really hope you'll Like our Facebook page and watch this thread for more info and a heads up when tickets go on sale.

For info and updates, check back into this thread (it won't just become a link dump, if for no other reason than that's a big ol' TOS violation), and also Like our FB page at:

We maxed out the venue last year, and again hope to see as many of you there that can fit in the place!

yours in trivia
Euan Bowen
Organiser and Host
Child's Play Trivia Australia

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  • agentcooperagentcooper Brisbane, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Would love to make it but won't be flying down until the next morning. Have fun and good luck!

    Let's trade:
    "Damn fine pins!"
  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    Thanks for the wishes, agentcooper. :)

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    Howdy, gang!

    I gots me an update for ya!

    First up, to ellucidate on the prize pool of which I spoke earlier, here's what we have thus far:

    - Loads of Cards Against Humanity stuff. Like, LOADS and LOADS. 3 complete sets of Australian Edition, The Bigger Blacker Box and the 6 main expansions. Like I said: LOADS

    - an epic tabletop collection from Good Games Australia, including Star Wars: Armada starter set, Viticulture, Munchkin Deluxe, Settlers of Catan and 5-6 player expansion, and Marry Mr Darcy

    - 2 core sets each of Boss Monster and Boss Monster 2, as well as 2 of the expansion packs for Boss Monster

    - 2 vouchers for 6 people for The Enigma Room in Sydney

    That's what we have currently on hand.

    We also have packages of stuff coming from Wizards of the Coast, Turtle Beach, Qwertees, Crystals Idyll (look her up on Facebook, she does epic custom gear with metal dragon scales), Global Gear (a couple of LARP swords), GreaterThan Games, and a couple more, as well as a continuation of my emailing and pestering people.

    I think we're going to have a LOT of stuff to give away, and following feedback from last year, we'll be working to distribute it a bit more evenly. :)

    What can you do to get your hands on some of this stuff? Well, Like our Facebook page and keep an eye out for when tickets go live.

    Also, please do visit and support our sponsors, and tell them we sent ya so they know they're getting a return on their generosity. That way, we've a bigger chance of having people come back and give us more stuff. :)


  • MontablacMontablac Registered User regular
    got an estimate time for this event? id like to attend but im flying in wed night and dono if id be able to make it

  • SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
    I think I would like to come along. I'm in Bendigo, so I usually come down on the Thursday night, but an extra early day could be fun. I'm part of the cookie brigade this year - so sounds like a good option.

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular

    Montablac: the event will kick off around 1830 and finish around 2230. Those are probably somewhat soft numbers, but I think we've learned a bit from last year so believe that at least the ticketing check in will go a bit more smoothly. Does that give ye enough time?

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular

    It's been a while, so I guess it's time for another update!

    The LARP swords from Global Gear turned up and they are COOL!

    We've also had a few more pledges of things like copies of El Luchador Fantastico Grande, some more crocheting from the awesome Jackie and even some noms from a great cook. Think epic, yet bite-sized macarons. :)

    There's also a pretty major announcement coming in the next couple of weeks, so hit us up on Facebook and watch this space for more details! :biggrin:

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular

    You guys get it first, because it's 1242hrs and I've been at this for 5 hours and I NEED SLEEP but we have a web site now!

    On it you'll find links to various things, like a big list of our sponsors (not actually complete. Man, but we have a lot of supporters), details of the event itself and a few extra titbits that y'all probably don't need, like links to Penny Arcade, Child's Play and PAX Aus.


    And, also, check out our Facebook page around 0930 tomorrow morning. Something big's getting announced. :)

    Of course, I'll pop on announce it here, too, but in case I get distracted...

    cheers! :)

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular

    We have a website!

    And tickets!

    We've raised the price from $25 to $30 this year, but given the sheer VOLUME of loot we have on offer, I think it's a fair thing to do. :biggrin:

    We also have a couple more supporters, principle among them being the Sons of Obi Wan, a light saber training centre and Jedi Temple (yes, actually) in Tuggerah. You guys should check them out, not just 'cause it's fun and good for you, but because they do awesome things for other people too. From spectrum-friendly classes to appearances at hospitals, the Sons bring the Light Side hardcore and represent that Jedi mindset.

  • MontablacMontablac Registered User regular
    so, heres the thing, im geting into melbourne at around 6:30 pm, add travel times to my hotel/games lab and i dont know how late ill be, ive still brought a ticket, cause 1. its a good cause and 2. ish times tend to flux

    if im WAY to late and get turned away, well tough luck for me then

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    edited August 2015
    Thanks for buying a ticket! :biggrin:

    You shouldn't get turned away, that's for sure. Although, I suppose if you're not there until after we're finished, I'm not sure there's much I'll be able to do about it. :P

    Still, if you've bought a ticket, and are on a table, then YAY, they can mind your spot.

    If you've bought a Mixed Bag ticket, then we'll totes find a spot for you.

    And, because I'm a nice guy, if you've missed out on a chance for a random prize giveaway/contest of awesome funness by the time you arrive, I'll try to make sure you're at least in the running for the next one. :)

    Smuffy on
  • themungathemunga Registered User new member
    edited August 2015
    Hey guys, I'm going to be an enforcer at PAX Aus and I would love to come to support this cause, I would be a "mixed bag" person as I won't know anyone there, will that be an issue?

    Edit: Don't worry, I just checked that you can buy a Mixed Bag ticket. Knowing is half the battle!

    themunga on
  • IMSanchoIMSancho Registered User regular
    Mixed bag ticket purchased! I missed out last year due to getting down to Melbourne too late, will be in on Wednesday this time and making it for the trivia night was one of the main motivators for that.

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    edited August 2015
    Thanks, IMSancho!

    That's rad to hear, and glad you'll be with us for the night.

    We've got some epic news to announce in the next couple of weeks, and while you're waiting, why not head over to the web site? I've written a wee blog post about our major sponsor, and how awesome they are.

    Smuffy on
  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular

    One of the contests on the night will be a "Build Your Own Eldrazi" competition.

    Tables will have a supply of Play-Doh and some images of the Unknowable Behemoths from Beyond the Edge of Reality, the Eldrazi.

    They will be asked to craft a representation of the latter in the medium of the former, and will be judged and awarded according to the whim of the Hosts and their Minions.

    Fun and games shall abound, shenanigans not encouraged. :biggrin:

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    Time for another plug/spruik/thing!

    I've just gone over our prize pool, and here's what we'll be giving away.

    1st Prize: A haul of stuff, sufficient so that each member of a full table of 8 can walk away with at least four times their ticket price in loot. That's four times, people!

    2nd Prize: As above, but three times ticket price.

    3rd Prize: Same again, but at twice their ticket price.

    ??? Prize: The Wooden Spooners at these events traditionally receive chocolates, and who are we to shirk tradition? This is not to be awarded simply to last place, but to an arbitrarily-numbered-place, based on how many tables we get. This is to avoid people taking the dive on purpose, because chocolate

    Cosplay contest: The Best Cosplay prize is a set of Srealth 400 headphones from Turtle Beach. There will also be prizes for Worst Effort, Best Reference and any other random things we can think of on the night. Final prizes are TBC, but there will be options for tickets to The Enigma Room in Sydney*, the Sons of Obi Wan Saber Academy in Tuggerah,

    Last Man Standing: A pay-to-play, round-robin knowledge game that could see you walking away with a Star Wars Armada core set!

    There's also going to be random giveaways throughout the night, and other fun and games to enjoy.

    If all of this seems like a lot of stuff, that's because it is. We have over $3000 worth of prizes to give away. For reals, guys! MORE THAN. Watch this space for a pic of our MASSIVE PILE OF STUFF!

    You can get your tickets to the night here:

    And you can find more info about the night here:

  • SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Seems to be really coming together. I will be adding a contribution on the night as well - and I look forward to the trivia!

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    A contribution on the night, Senno? That's pretty darn exciting! Is this something of which we are aware, or will you be surprising us?

  • fishfishmonkeyhatfishfishmonkeyhat Freelance Pin Man Newcastle, AustraliaRegistered User regular

  • CarrotTopCarrotTop Registered User regular
    Bummer, I won't be coming in till Thursday afternoon

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    Fear not, CarrotTop. We're working on a way for people who can't make it to still have a chance at STUFF! Stay tuned. :)

  • fishfishmonkeyhatfishfishmonkeyhat Freelance Pin Man Newcastle, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Here's a clue:


  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    You're giving us our very own Samm Levine to give away?

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular

    Okay, so, here's some awesomeness:

    1. We've cracked $5000 for the value of the prize pool. This is awesome and scary and very, very exciting.

    2. We've announced our first auction item for the night. The auctions accounted for 25% of our funds raised last year, so we're super happy we got rad things to auction again this year.
    What is our first auction item?
    How about a San Diego Comic Con exclusive Devastator figure? Oh yeah. One of them. Epic, right?
    Pics of this awesomeness can be found here:

    3. There's only 5 tables left unclaimed. The Mixed Bag tickets are there, though, so if you have a table ready to go, but the allocated tables have all been booked, drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll work something out.

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    Oh yeah, and we're also doing a "Share to win" competition. Jump on the FB Page (at, share the pinned post that has the ticket and website links, and you could win a download code for your very own copy of Submerged from Uppercut games. More details are also on the appropriate post on the FB page. :)

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    Beautiful people, our second and third auction items have been announced.

    They are:

    2. A D&D 5th Edition Party Pack. What's a Party Pack? How about every 5th Edition core rule book and THREE copies of the Player's Handbook?

    3. A Magic: The Gathering Duel Decks Anthology. A collection 8 Epic decks, pre-built and ready to go!

    To have a chance to bid on these items, head over to to get your tickets!

    More general info and news can be found at or on our website,

    We're down to 4 unclaimed tables and then a bunch of Mixed Bag tickets, so you'd best get in quick.

    Hope to see you on the night!

  • PAX_SkeletorPAX_Skeletor Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Table booked, can't wait. Wooo!

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    All tables have now been claimed.

    We do have 20 Mixed Bag tickets left, though, so get in quick before they're gone, too. :)

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    Guys! Guys! There's only 6 mixed bag tickets left!

    Get in quick for your chance to get a share of our $5700+ prize pool!

  • SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
    5 now. Just bought mine. :)

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    Now just 2... :)

  • MontablacMontablac Registered User regular
    glad i got mine a LONG time ago

  • kintyrekintyre Registered User regular
    We bought tickets but they were single on 2 different tables. We'd love to be put together if that's at all possible. Proud to be the tickets that sold you out.

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    Will do our best to make that happen. There'll be some people Tetris, but should be doable.

  • IMSanchoIMSancho Registered User regular
    What an epic night! I'm so glad I came down early for this, had a great time with my table of randoms. Huge thanks to the mighty hosts, all the Games Laboratory staff and the sponsers

  • Squire_PugSquire_Pug Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Excellent night, and I would pay good money to have the hosts dance for me on Youtube for my amusement, excellent guys! Well run event and good work to all and sundry involved!

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    Thanks for the messages, guys! Y'all are awesome.

    We'll be back at Games Lab next year, again on the Wednesday night.

    We'll also be running online giveaway things throughout the year, so watch forums, Facebooks, and website for details. :)

  • SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    edited November 2015
    And here's the wrap-up of the night which I posted on Thursday morning, but neglected to copy over here...

    We did it!

    The dawning of a new day sees me sipping coffee, contemplating roti for lunch, and looking back over last night's amazing event, analysing just precisely how awesome it was.

    Spoiler alert: it was EPICALLY awesome!

    The attendees were blown away with the prize stash, the auction items, and all the other things on offer.

    The standout round of the night was Truth by Consensus, wherein tables were presented with and either/or question - for example, Terminator 2 or Aliens, Best ninja turtle - and whichever answer was chosen by the most tables became the right answer. The reactions from the attendees were marvellous and passionate. And they were clearly all insane, because the room chose Terminator 2 over Aliens. Madness.

    All of the auctions went really well. with the SDCC Devastator and a 15 year limited edition Pinny Arcade pin being hotly contested.

    I realise by now you're all yelling at me for burying the lead, so I'll come out and say it. We didn't equal our target of funds raised from last year, we didn't even just beat it, we smashed it. All together, we raised $5720!

    This is an awesome result, and we literally couldn't have done it without the support of our amazing sponsors, dedicated admin and org team, and all of our tops attendees. You're all amazing.

    Thanks hugely once more for you collective and individual fabulousness, and we're already looking forward to CPT Aus 2016!

    Smuffy on
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