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The 8th Annual Pre-PAX Pubcrawl... Formerly known as the TRI-WIZARD DRINKING TOURNAMENT



  • The_ReflectionThe_Reflection Registered User regular
    There is exactly one ticket left for The Bullet Club.

  • atsats Registered User new member
    I'm the rando who snatched the second-to-last Bullet Club ticket. Literally never heard of any of this until about 45 minutes ago. But I am an accomplished drinker (can provide references). Reading through this thing now, please feel free to provide loud and abrasive instructions.

  • PunkJrPunkJr Decepticon Infiltrator Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    A few things to remember!!
    1. EAT BEFORE THE PUB CRAWL!! I didn't last year, and was a hangry asshole when we started. EAT.
    2. BRING CASH!! Things go MUCH faster when you don't have to worry about running a card for each transaction.
    3. TIP WELL!! The bartenders tonight are going to be swamped. Let's thank them with our money.
    4. DRINK WATER!! Seriously. As much fun as we're going to have, don't ruin the first day of PAX with a hangover. Water, Water, Water.

    Pirate, Stormtrooper, Decepticon
    Yes, my middle name really is MEGATRON
    Former Ravenclaw Death Eaters Head of House
    industrialgirlSteel Fire
  • The_SavesThe_Saves Magistrate of Crazy Town KirklandRegistered User regular
    My crew released 2 Broken Wands tickets.

    Real excited, even put together an outfit!

    They broke our wands, they broke our bodies, and they broke our past. But they will never break our spirits!

  • AltDeleteAltDelete Registered User regular
    Inbound! Time to bring magic back to a desolate world. Or drink a bunch. Definitely one of those.

  • MvrckMvrck Dwarven MountainhomeRegistered User regular
    INTERCEPTORS! You were wonderful tonight! MAINTAIN RIGHT!

    PunkJrSutibunRiLoonyEclipseSteel FireSoulCrux
  • OptimusbryOptimusbry Event Designer Long Beach CARegistered User regular
    That was just the most amazing night. Thank you all who came out. The karaoke session at Grimms was incredible. You all are the reason I do this every year, may you all ride eternal shiny and chrome. I look forward to seeing you over the weekend and riding again next year!

    Nintendo ID: Optimusbry :: Xbox Live: Optimus Bry :: PSN: Optimusbry :: Steam ID: Optimus Bry
  • Steel FireSteel Fire Gunboat Diplomat PAI MarketingRegistered User regular
    Well, I had a blast and had no regrets about only getting a little over 2 hours of sleep. It was an awesome time. Thanks for all the work in putting it together.

  • altmannaltmann Registered User regular
    Ohhh man... waking up the next day and looking at myself in the mirror was quite a shock... I looked just how I felt.

    But it was great!

    As Imperator of the Gigahorse Jockeys! Warboy supreme it was my pleasure to lead you to valhalla!

    Imperator of the Gigahorse Jockeys.

    "Oh what a day, what a LOVELY DAY!"

  • The_ReflectionThe_Reflection Registered User regular
    What were the results?

  • Steel FireSteel Fire Gunboat Diplomat PAI MarketingRegistered User regular
    edited September 2015
    What were the results?

    Also, pictures?

    Steel Fire on
  • NullthreadNullthread Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    I think I'm alive. I THINK?!

  • OptimusbryOptimusbry Event Designer Long Beach CARegistered User regular
    Boppas - 480
    Bullet Club - 377
    Night riders - 230
    War Riggers - 95
    Broken Wands and Valiant (sorry accidentally mixed money) - 375
    Interceptors - 1046!!
    Gigahorse - 250

    Total - $2853!

    Great job everybody!!

    Nintendo ID: Optimusbry :: Xbox Live: Optimus Bry :: PSN: Optimusbry :: Steam ID: Optimus Bry
    TOGSolidSteel Fireshdwcaster
  • TOGSolidTOGSolid Drunk sailor Seattle, WashingtonRegistered User regular
    edited September 2015

    Thanks to everyone who showed up and donated! Y'all are awesome!

    TOGSolid on
    Steel Fire
  • LoonyEclipseLoonyEclipse WWHRD? Montreal, QCRegistered User regular
    edited September 2015
    Holy smokes- 1046?! The interceptors did, in fact, Maintain Right, it seems

    Seriously though, that crawl was awesome- I'm still stunned i managed to go the distance (was running on 24 hours sans sleep when I finally crashed out- timezone changes are a bitch)

    LoonyEclipse on
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  • UnfetteredUnfettered Registered User regular
    Fucking a, right! We're coming for you, next year, Interceptors!

    Hufflepuff DE - HoH - Huffledrunk 4 Lyf!

    RIP: uncomfortably hot tire vest

    u want destiny raid? We be raidin'! XBL: Unfettered
  • Steel FireSteel Fire Gunboat Diplomat PAI MarketingRegistered User regular
    Wooo! Way to go Interceptors. Hope I can do this again next Prime, because it was all sorts of fun.

  • bubblegumnexbubblegumnex Registered User regular
    Great job Interceptors! We achieved the impossible and maintained right in the wastelands without scuffing our loafers!

    <@zerzhul&gt; bubblegumnex: you were so very fucked up
    <@zerzhul&gt; you win at twdt
    TOGSolidSteel Fire
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