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They are returning to Australia, they themselves will carry you to the gates of Valhalla... you will ride eternal, shiny and chrome!

*Note: and yes, we mean any sort of question, especially if it's not covered by the FAQ. Please do NOT make a new thread to ask your question, just post it here. It will be answered. If there's another thread that is topical to your question already, that might be a good place to ask it as well, but this is a catch-all for the many many questions that don't need their own multi-page thread for a topic.

This thread is a place for people to ask questions, and for the PAX experienced to provide answers (and some general PAX wisdom). Please keep focused on the Q&A nature of this thread.

The Details:


When: October 30th - November 1st 2015

Where: Australia. Duh. Specifically Melbourne, VIC

Venue: Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre Also known locally as “Jeff’s Shed”
2 Clarendon St
South Wharf 3006

Wikipedia wrote:
The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is an annual gamer festival that started in Bellevue, Washington. PAX was created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, the authors of the Penny Arcade webcomic, because they wanted to attend a show that gave equal attention to video gamers, computer gamers, and tabletop gamers. No such show existed, so PAX was born.

Created in 2004, PAX has been hailed as a weekend-long celebration of gamer culture. Defining characteristics include game-inspired concerts, panels on game industry topics, exhibitor booths, after-hours parties, tournaments, and freeplay areas.
Theros wrote:
PAX is awesome
HotSake wrote:
PAX is 50,000 friends you never knew you had.
TychoBrahe wrote:
This is the convention that should have existed, but didn't.
Even though their numbers may be smaller in population, their passion for gaming is insane. Retail titles cost $100 plus and they still buy them? Crazy! Can we all agree this is crazy?

The first ever PAX outside of the US, PAX Aus, sold out and packed a wet, cold and windy Melbourne Showgrounds with Aussie gamers. Proving that gamers in Australia can bring it just as big.
For PAX Aus 2014 they tripled the size of the show and relocated to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. We still filled MCEC to the brim with gaming and awesomeness.

All of the information found in this FAQ plus many more interesting tidbits and guides can be found on our PAX Community Wiki

Penny Arcade
PAX Aus Website

What this forum is: This forum is for the discussion of PAX, finding people to carpool or caravan with, finding people to split the cost of a hotel room, and general questions and information about PAX as well as community events and gatherings.

What this thread is: This thread is a place for people to ask questions, and for the PAX experienced to provide answers (and some general PAX wisdom).

Click here for the Official PAX AUS FAQ

Without further ado, here's the community-based FAQ

Table of Contents

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    General Stuff

    HOW DO I FIND ANYTHING IN THIS FAQ?!? give me the tl;dr!
    Use the Table of Contents! Use search! If you still can't find the answer to your question, ask it in the thread!

    When will <this thing I need to know about> be announced?
    Soon. Don't expect any definite announcements any sooner than 3-4 weeks before PAX. Don't expect a final schedule and show map until about two weeks before PAX. If you're curious if your favourite game developer, journalist, internet personality is going to be there, shoot them an e-mail and ask, because if it hasn't been announced, we don't know either.

    How do I register for PAX Aus?
    On the PAX Aus website

    When do Passes go on sale?
    Passes are available NOW. Go get them! PAX sells out yo. (3 Day passes are SOLD OUT! Saturday passes are over 50% sold out!)

    Do the PAX passes have my name on them?

    It's after October 1st, if I order my ticket online, where do I pick it up?
    The Registration desk will be available for pass pickups at PAX. It will be located in the foyer alongside the Expo Hall. Check your GuideBook or convention booklet at the show!

    What is an International Three Day Pass and should I get one?
    International Three Day Passes are set aside for internationally travelling guests to attend PAX Aus. You will need proof of travel to collect them from the Registration Desk.
    All international badges need to be collected at the Badge Collection Desk in the Foyer Concourse on arrival. Please bring your passport and flight or visa information (to prove you are traveling to and from Australia) together with your email confirmation, which includes a QR code.

    When can I register for a Media badge?
    Media registration will not be open until July 2015,Media registration to PAX Aus is open, the same requirements apply for them as previous years. If you're super paranoid about missing out on PAX Aus, remember that if you purchase tickets to the show now, and are approved for a media badge later, the tickets you purchased will be refunded. If you require more information, contact Reboot PR or see the Media Registration section of the PAX Aus Registration page.

    Can I volunteer to help out at PAX this year?
    The PAX volunteers, known as the Enforcers, are always after awesome, hard working and enthusiastic people to join their ranks! To apply to be an Enforcer, you need to be 18 years of age by the time of the show, be at the show (travel and accomodation confirmed) and be willing to work one five-hour shift per day of the show. Applications open when an announcement is made with a link to the application on the main Penny Arcade site or via the @Official_PAX Twitter account. Applications for new Australian Enforcers are now open! Apply here! Please be Patient.

    What are the hours of PAX?
    Friday, Oct 30th - 10am-midnight
    Saturday, Oct 31st - 10am-midnight
    Sunday, Nov 1st - 10am-6pm

    Friday, Oct 30th - 10am-6pm
    Saturday, Oct 31st - 10am-6pm
    Sunday, Nov 1st - 10am-6pm

    What does BYOC stand for?
    Bring Your Own Computer. This is a large LAN party within PAX! You can purchase a BYOC badge in addition to your admission badges in order to bring your gaming computer and get playing! BYOC passes are an option you can add on to your pass purchase when you register.

    I bought a BYOC pass but now I don't want it! Where can I sell it??
    You have two choices. BYOC passes are being mailed out along with regular passes. You can either give it to a friend or you can ask for a refund, email info@paxaustralia.com.au

    What is the Exhibit Hall floor like?
    The exhibition hall is full of awesome. There are upcoming games, and hardware showcased as well as things for sale from games, to guides, to t-shirts, to dice. Prices are comparable with standard retail pricing, or a little cheaper, even. Some awesome companies even give out free swag and prizes, from lanyards and buttons to amazing gaming PCs.


    The ticket says the Exhibit Hall closes at 6pm but the Event stays open until 12AM. Does this mean there will be actual things happening and things to look at until 12AM or does it just mean people are allowed to hang out in the building until they close the doors at 12AM?
    Once you hit the later hours, the Expo Hall will be shut down. However, you'll still have the Concerts, Panels, Console/PC Freeplay, Handheld Lounge, Tabletop Lounge, etc. In previous years, there have also been movie/webisode screenings fairly late as well. Basically, it's "Make your own fun with people" time!

    I have moved since buying my PAX passes. How do I change my address information to ensure that my passes get mailed to my current address and not my previous address?
    First, you should submit a change of address through the Post. This will ensure all mail sent to your previous address is sent to your current address. As far as changing your registration you can email info@paxaustralia.com.au to request your information be updated.

    I didn’t receive my PAX Badges in the Mail!! What do I do?
    If you live outside of Australia, or you purchased your pass after the cut off date for badges to be mailed, you will need to pick up your badge at Registration using your paper ticket with the Bar Code on it AND a valid piece of photo ID. If your badge really is lost in the mail, email info@paxaustralia.com.au

    I have my badge; do I need the paper ticket with the bar-code on it?
    Nope! You’re good to go.

    I really don't want to lose my badge! Any tips?
    YES! use this style loop with the provided lanyards for extra security if the clip seems weak or ineffectual.

    Will there be WiFi accessible at PAX?
    MCEC has publicly available WiFi, however with a convention where several thousand people who all also have WiFi enabled devices, the competition for the venue WiFi's sweet, sweet nourishing internets can be fierce. Also phone coverage can get spotty with all the interference so internet may not be as reliable as you would like. User beware.

    Are there iPhone/Android apps for PAX?
    Yes! GuideBook has all your electronic guide needs! The app is a free download and the PAX Aus 2015 guide will be available around the same time as the schedule and maps and can be downloaded before the event. The Guidebook app is also used for other PAX content, including PAX XP and some competitions!

    Are there going to be a ton of people this year?
    There's going to be a ton of people. We're not even kidding.

    Will just one day will be enough PAX?
    No matter who you ask on this forum, we're all going to say no. If you don't want to believe us, that's fine, but when you get to PAX for that one day and realize you could have had three days of that, you're going to regret not buying a three day pass.

    I'm disabled/ have a mobility impairment/ use a wheelchair, how easy will it be to get around PAX?
    No problem, apply for a medical pass, and you get special accommodation getting into panels and the like. You can apply for a pass for yourself and a +1 so you can have someone help you. To register, email info@paxaustralia.com.au

    I'm lost, alone and terribly scared! What Do?
    Help is never far! Cast your gaze upon the crowd and look for awesome people wearing these sweet gold shirts (They say ENFORCER on the back with the PAX Aus logo on the front with a BLACK badge). They can direct you to where to go and provide any help you need.

    I have an amazing idea for a panel!! Who should I contact?!?
    If you just have an idea go to PAX Aus Panels site with your your proposal! If accepted you and your participants will receive a complimentary Speaker Pass for duration PAX Aus 2015. Good luck!

    Note: Panel submissions close August 15.

    I was expecting to get my badge in the mail and all I received is this bobcat? Wut??
    Bobcat is working as intended.

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    How early should I get in line each day?
    Getting in line is something that should be decided by YOU, so many of us can't tell you exactly when you should show up.
    However, I would recommend getting in line fairly shortly after the doors open. If not, then feel free to show up whenever you wake up.
    If you are the more social geek, I would highly recommend getting in line as soon as you can.
    The people are what make PAX, and there is no better way to meet/converse/trade pokemans with these people than being in line. Remember, you are all there showing your love for games in some way, shape or form, so feel free to strike up a conversation with the person next to you!
    However, if you end up befriending these people, I would highly suggest getting their contact info, as I have lost many potential friends this way, watching the people I just spent 3 hours with in line fade off into the crowd of gamers.

    NOTE: doors to the building don't open until 8am!

    My Gods! The Lines! The Crowded Crowded Lines! What do I do about the Lines?
    Whichever venue PAX is in, on whatever coast in whosoever dimension, Crowding is almost omnipresent. Recent PAXes have sold out weeks in advance, and the various convention centers have been unable to contain their awesomeness in a roomy manner. There are lines for almost everything, including lines in order to get into lines (I'm talking to you, Merch Booth line!). There is little you can do to avoid them.

    Neither is there a hard and fast rule for when you need to get in line for a panel or event, as it depends on demand for the individual panel, as well as what day of the Con it's on, what's going on at the same time, and whether Wil Wheaton is involved in any way. For most Panels an hour beforehand is quite sufficient, and you might be able to get away with 30 minutes, if you're lucky. The Make A Strip Panel, any Wil Wheaton Panel, and Scott Kurtz are likely to require a little more time. If you want to get into the keynote on Friday, you'll need to arrive at the convention center when it opens at 8:00am, and go straight to the Main Theatre line up.

    Advice for surviving the lines
    • Relax - Lines happen. Getting angry, impatient or upset will not make them go away. Before you line up, decide whether spending this time is worth it, and then simply go with it. Take the time to plan the rest of your day, read the forums or, better yet, refer to the bottom entry in this list.
    • Follow @PAXAus_Lines !! This feed updates constantly about how full lines are around the convention.
    • Plan Ahead and Prioritise - Unfortunately there is no chance that any one person can experience everything PAX has to offer, and any five people would have their work cut out for them. When you're looking at which panels or events to go to, choose a few select things you absolutely can't miss and spend the time in line to make sure you get in. When looking at the timetable try to mentally add queue times to the beginning of each session, to get a more realistic idea of what you can and can't see.
    • Queue Responsibly - Don't impede walkways. If an enforcer asks you to move, he's not taking away your place in line, just trying to consolidate it into something more manageable and less in the way.
      Get comfortable - If sitting on a hard surface or standing for extended periods of time causes you discomfort, you might want to consider bringing a cushion or potentially applying for a medical badge. Unfortunately, chairs or beanbags can't be provided because they would hamper evacuation in the event of fire.
    • Toilet breaks - That's not a problem. Just ask your friendly line neighbour to hold your place, also maybe an Enforcer managing the line so they know when you come back, and go. Try not to leave it until the doors open, and DO NOT open your DS or check your Facebook whilst enthroned. If you want to be super prepared, check to see where the nearest restroom is before you get in line, and visit it before you settle down to wait. Also, don't dehydrate yourself just in order to hold your place in line.
    • Enjoy the lines - Seriously. There are few places in the world where the next random person standing next to you is likely to be friendly, and instantly grok your rim-shot Monty Python reference, Trade you that last Pokemon, or finally explain THAC0 to your satisfaction. Take your Magic deck, DS, Zombie Dice, Travel Catan and a bottle of water, and hang out with some interesting people for a while.

      There are of course some people who find it impossible to wait in line for any reason. If you have a medical condition which precludes lines, talk to the enforcers, who may well be able to accommodate you. If you are simply temperamentally unsuited to waiting, or don't want to take the time to do so, there are ways to enjoy yourself at PAX without waiting around. Many freeplay areas, especially Tabletop, can easily be navigated without having to wait at all, or with a simple sign-up sheet. Large portions of the expo halls also, and the Concerts have generally been accessible 20 minutes or so after the line has gone in. Play tests for the major developers are essentially impossible to get into You may need to sit or stand nearer to the back of the hall, but if you hate lines you probably aren't all that fond of mosh pits either. Not all the sessions fill up to capacity, especially later in the con. As long as you avoid the big ticket sessions, and are prepared for disappointment, you may simply be able to ask the enforcers on the door if there is any space inside.

      Are the theatres cleared in-between panels / concerts?
      YES! Except for a few back to back panels in the main theatre (ie, the Keynotes goes right into the first PA Q&A) all theatres are cleared out between panels.

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    PAX Concerts


    When are the concerts?
    Wait, you think just because the Expo Hall is closed that we all go home? NOPE. On Saturday night after 6pm the Main Theater becomes our very own geek concert hall with various musical acts, from chiptunes to nerdcore, classical renditions of video game music to nerd folk/comedy music. Plenty for everyone!

    How much does it cost to get into these concerts?
    They are totally free for any PAX pass holder on the day they are attending!

    How do the concerts work?
    Much like everything else at PAX, concerts are first come, first served. However, please don't attempt to line up for them more than a reasonable time prior to the start of the concerts. Ask an enforcer in the area where the concerts will be taking place and they can tell you when you will be allowed to start lining up.

    How Late do the concerts go?
    Concerts are scheduled to end around 11:30pm-midnight though sometimes they can run a tad late.

    Where will the concerts be?!?
    In the Main Theatre, also known as The Plenary at the Convention Center of the MCEC! If you find Door 6 and 7 of the Exhibit Hall and head through the glass doors you will be in the Cenvention Center Foyer, Main Theater is just past the stairs to the left.

    Who is coming to serenade us!?!
    The Doubleclicks!

    The Axis Of Awesome!

    MC Frontalot!

    More musical acts will be announced on the PAX Aus Facebook or Twitter as well as the PAX Aus website. Previous acts have included MC Frontalot, The Protomen, The Minibosses, Paul & Storm,7bit Hero and the guys from Soundbytes. Other PAX shows have also seen the likes of Jonathan Coulton, Anamanaguchi and VGO.

    What is the schedule for bands performing?
    This will be available in the GuideBook and printed schedules available at the venue and Info Booth.

    When should I show up to see performance X?
    The Main Theatre has a very high capacity during concerts, as well as a higher turnover than during panels. More often than not, you can simply walk right in. However, to be safer, for any given band, you should attempt to show up around a half an hour to an hour before they are scheduled to start (earlier if you want to be toward the front).

    What happens if the theatre fills up?
    Enforcers do take count of attendance, and new admission will be temporarily denied if the theatre is full. However, concerts tend to have high turnover, and new people will be allowed in on a roughly 25-out, 25-in schedule.

    Are there medical badge accommodations for concerts?
    Absolutely! Just like with any other panel, if you show up before the line is capped, anyone with a medical badge will be allowed in early to find a seat.

    I heard the concerts were loud. Is this true?
    Yes, and maybe. It's all relative, but the concerts can get pretty loud. It's a big space, with a lot of people, and everyone wants to be able to hear, right?

    Can you turn the volume down? It's hurting my ears!
    No, unfortunately, the volume cannot be turned down; the knobs on all the amps were taken off by sneaky Rock Gremlins. If you think that volume might be an issue, we suggest this time-tested concert junkie trick: bring a set of earplugs to help muffle the sound. Convenient personal sound dampening, available in several fun colors! Make sure you get "musician's earplugs" or "high-fidelity earplugs". These are earplugs with channels in them that attenuate all frequencies equally. Basically, they just make everything you hear quieter, without changing how it sounds.

    What is the policy on moshing?
    Please don’t do it. PAX concerts are intended to be a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone. Moshing is not fun for everyone, and puts people at risk. If any violent or aggressive behavior is witnessed in the crowd, you will be asked to stop by an Enforcer. Repeated action will result in a minimum of removal from the concerts. We simply ask that you control yourself and allow EVERYONE around you to have a good time!

    Is food allowed in the concerts?
    No food or drink is allowed inside the main theater. Eating areas are available outside in the foyer.

    What if I see something potentially hazardous or have other questions/concerns?
    This is the same at concerts as with anywhere else in PAX: talk to an Enforcer! Enforcers are friendly, and they are there to help and to do their best to make sure you have a great PAX experience.

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    Merch Booth: Shut Up And Take My Money

    What will be for sale at the official merch booth?
    The PA booth generally stocks a healthy supply of the books , the most popular tee shirts from the website in sizes S-4XL for men and S-2XL for babydoll, some other items limited items such as merch hats and select hoodies (hats are one size, hoodies are unisex sizes S-3XL), and of course the coveted, limited PAX-specific goodies such as t-shirts, scarves and, just for PAXAus, a beach towel. There is also a Merch Lite booth which carries a smaller selection and is usually open before and after the main show hours in the main foyer outside the Expo Hall.

    This info could be out of date, however. Email merch@penny-arcade.com for up to date information on the next pax if you can't wait till we get there to find out.

    Do they have Pinny Arcade pins for trade at PAX Aus?
    Yes! You can as always, buy Pinny Arcade Sets from the PAX Merch booth as well as the show exclusive set. From there you will be able to trade with any of the Penny Arcade staff, some Enforcers and of course anyone else who is participating at PAX Aus! More details of exhibitors who are participating at each PAX is available on Pinny Arcade. The show exclusive set and special Limited Edition show pin sell out very quickly with limited stock for each day, so you will want to get in quickly!

    The PA merch booth has ITEM X that I really really really want. When should I get it?
    As soon as you can. Typically this means Friday morning on your way to the queue line. If what you want is guaranteed to be in limited supply (like the exclusive pins, merch hats, or uncommonly sized t-shirts) get it first.

    Will there be a PAX exclusive item?
    Maybe. Follow @Official_PAX on Twitter and they may give sneak peeks!

    The merch line is longer than longcat! When will it die down?
    There may be a lull on Sunday afternoons, when much of the stock is depleted. Don't worry! The line moves quick and it's a good way to meet other people with pokewalkers/magic cards/beach balls/THAT THING YOU LIKE.

    Why is ITEM X sold out?! I really wanted it!
    A lot of other people wanted it too. Brian the Awesome Merch Master Guy does his best to estimate demand, but he is a genuine meat human. If you really want ITEM X, buy it early and don't wait until the end of the show. If it is not PAX-specific, you can probably find it on the PA Merch website.

    I waited in line for a half hour and NOW you're telling me you don't have ITEM X? I has a sad.
    This happens sometimes. It could be it sold out while you were waiting in line. It might have been the guy in front of you. It might have been 10 minutes after opening on Friday (in which case there will hopefully be a sign posted). Don't fret. There is plenty of other stuff for you to get. Think ahead and have a Plan B of How To Spend Your Money.

    Do they have EFTPOS/Credit Card facilities?
    The PAX Aus Merch Booth will have these facilities available, there are also usually ATMs around the show venue. Exhibitors may or may not have these facilities available.

    Is there other people selling stuff at PAX Aus?
    Yes indeed there is! There are various vendors within the Expo Hall and Tabletop Exhibitors who will quite happily take your money in exchange for tiny precious things (or not so tiny precious things).

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    When do I sign up for tournaments?
    Tournament registration is Friday or Day of. Look out for each departments Tournament thread for specific information when it gets close to PAX. If there's no thread for the tournament type you are interested in, head to that department asap when you get to PAX to get the information! Get there early, most tournaments fill up within an hour or two of PAX opening.
    Hint! Follow PAX Aus Tourney Twitter for more tournament information!

    Will x tournament or event be happening at PAX?
    Possibly, announcements will be made about 3-4 weeks prior to PAX. Keep an eye on the forums for details! Each department that does tournaments will usually make its own post about said tournaments and their rules.

    What is the Omegathon?
    The Omegathon is a grueling test of "skill" in which 20 randomly selected pre-registered attendees will battle for an amazing prize, in past years, this prize has been an all expenses paid trip to the a PAX show of their choice in the US. They mostly make them play crazy games like Mario Kart, Bananagrams, and Operation for their amusement. If you are not selected to be an Omeganaut, it's still a lot of fun watching and enjoying their torment!

    How do I become an Omeganaut?
    As of the last couple PAX shows, those who are eligible to opt-in for the Omegathon get an email with opt-in instructions. Then you just have to hope you are one of the lucky people to get a call from Penny Arcade saying you are in. Please NOTE: if you do not get a phone call from a Penny Arcade employee asking you to be an Omeganaut, then you are not an Omeganaut. There are only 20 for PAX Aus!

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    Should I Bring my Children to PAX?

    PAX is open to all ages, and many parents choose to bring their children and infants, but before you haul little Timmy and Amanda down to the show floor, a few things to consider:

    - PAX is LOUD. Little ears tend to be sensitive, so take this into consideration if your child doesn't like noisy environments.

    - PAX is CROWDED. People don't tend to look down; be prepared to keep the little ones from being stepped on if they're on the shorter side. This is true of any crowd situation, not just PAX. You will need to be aware of all people at all times. Also, per the pre-registration site (Interactive Ticketing), "Strollers are not permitted on the show floor at any time". Perhaps try a front pack?

    - PAX breeds GERMS. Again, true of all crowded/convention situations. PAX Prime '09 saw a fairly large outbreak of H1N1 and other flu strains; keep this in mind before exposing any little ones that might be in concern categories for illness.

    - PAX is full of SWEARING. The typical demographic of PAX, while very diverse, does contain a large number of younger people with a tendency to swear. Profusely. About everything. If language is a concern for you, be aware that epithets are a time-honoured PAX tradition, and will be overheard everywhere.

    - PAX is FREE for kids 6 and Under. Conversely, PAX is FULL PRICE for kids 7 and older. Any PAX attendee under the age of 15 is required to have a parent or guardian with a valid PAX pass accompanying them.

    Now, taking everything into consideration, it's up to you! A little planning ahead and your kids can have just as much fun at PAX as everyone else! Just be aware what hurdles there may be, and prepare appropriately! Small children dressed as assassins are ADORABLE.

    I'm under 18. Will I be able to get into a panel for/play the demo of <insert R-Rated game here>?
    It is convention wide policy to follow the Australian Classifications Board ratings, even if your parents are present. All attendees at PAX Aus are required to show photo ID to confirm age and will be wristbanded with an age appropriate wristband for entry to any game rated MA15+ or R18+. Wristbands will be available from most Enforcers upon ID check, best place to find them is the PAX Info Booth or Queue Room. A full rundown on age restrictions and requirements are available on the PAX Aus website.

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    Melbourne: Getting there and doing things in it

    Oh God, I can't leave! I might miss something important! But, what is this land you call... this land?!
    Welcome to Melbourne! If you're one of them funny speakin' types (aka American) then welcome to Australia! Check your shoes for spiders/snakes/sheep/other deadly creatures before putting them on please. Don't be afraid to explore the wonderful cultural center of Melbourne. It is quite safe and is known for containing all sorts of wonders down every laneway and side street. Please do not feed the hipsters, they are highly caffeinated and scare easily. Their natural defence is to open a vodka bar in a dark alley behind a skip bin.

    What airport should I fly into?
    Melbourne International Airport (MEL) also known as Tullamarine Airport. Domestic travellers be aware - the cheaper flights sometimes will come in via Avalon, which is about 45 minutes outside of Melbourne and is closer to Geelong. BEWARE. Geelong is not a good place to accidentally end up.

    Where can I book hotels?
    Right here!

    What's the weather like during PAX?
    This is the hardest question to answer for this city. Melbourne is known for being the city of "four seasons in one day". Upon leaving your hotel in mild sunny weather you will experience oppressive heat, icy hailstorms, flash flooding and tornado-like winds. All before you even get to your destination. PAXAus will be taking place during Melbourne's spring, which is not too bad, Melbourne spring is roughly equivalent to Seattle summer, average of 18C-30C (64F-86F) temperatures, chance of rain, hail, drought, cyclonic winds, scorching heat and a pleasant sunshower. General Melbourne rule of thumb is wear layers that you can remove when it gets warm but add when it cools down at night.

    Is there any parking? How much does it cost?
    MCEC has three parking areas of various distance, facilities and pricing. See the MCEC Parking website for more information. Parking can either be around $20 for the day or $40 for the day depending on the location and time you enter/exit.
    Hint! The excellent Car Parking Info site does an awesome job of telling you where the cheapest and closest parking is for the time you'll be there. Also in the past there has been discounted parking at the parking next to the MCEC but check closer to the day to confirm that.

    Where can I get something to eat near the PAX?
    Being at the MCEC has many benefits, such as South Wharf and the surrounding areas having a good variety of food around. In particular the most excellent eateries that make up the PAX Promenade! MCEC is also located across from Crown Melbourne which hosts many eats including quick bites and casual dining. Generally, if it looks good, give it a try. You're in Melbourne! There is all kinds of amazing food in various alleys or holes in walls. If it isn't good then the hipsters will soon put it out of business and replace it with a vodka bar that serves drinks in tiny hats. If you know of any particular delicious treats near PAX Aus, let us know!

    Where do the parties happen?
    Various industry sponsored or community organised parties at local bars, pubs and venues. Watch the PAX Australia subforum or relevant gaming community forums for tips on them!

    Is there an age limit on the parties?
    Usually the ones at pubs or bars will be 18+ unless otherwise marked as all ages.

    How hard is it to get around Melbourne? Will I need a car?
    Most of the attractions in and around the city are very easy to get to on foot or on tram!

    Those big things trundling down the middle of the street look cool, how do I find my way around on them?
    Melbourne is famous for it's tram network, they run most places in the central city. They now has a new Free Tram Zone which covers the CBD north of the Yarra River. However the closest stop to the MCEC, Batman Park (YEAH, HOW AWESOME IS THAT NAME?), is only a short 100m walk over the Spencer Street Bridge to the doors of the MCEC. So if you're cool with that walk and are staying in the CBD, you won't need a Myki at all! However if you are staying south of the Yarra River or outside the Free Tram Zone, you will need to have a Myki and tap on to ride the tram to PAX. Stop 124A is directly outside the MCEC and is accessible on the 12, 96 or 109 trams which also stop at the Batman Park stop (Stop 124). Helpful public transit apps for both iOS and Android are available (search for Metlink or Yarra Trams for official apps like Public Transport Victoria or tramTRACKER). Google maps is available for any directions you need but currently does not integrate into the public transport system.

    If you require a Myki card (the Melbourne public transport tap card) they can be obtained before you travel to Melbourne online} and posted to you so you have it as soon as you get off the plane or they can be purchased as a tourism promotional pack from most hotel front desks or the Skybus Terminal at Southern Cross Station or at any 7-Eleven store or major train stations like Flinders Street or Southern Cross Station. You can even reuse them when you return next year! For more information on Melbourne’s public transit system, the PTV website has a great Journey Planner to get you around, the Metro site has additional train information.

    If you're driving, driving in Melbourne is the same as anywhere else in Australia, drive on the left, give way to the right and pedestrians, be aware of toll roads and if you're feeling brave, drive in the CBD and try some hook turns!

    Hey, I got here early/am staying late, and I want to see some cool things in THIS CITY! Where should I go and how do I get there?

    Melbourne has lots of cool things to see and do! If you're after some touristy things to do, check out -

    Luna Park (Tram 96 to St Kilda Beach) - Fun vintage theme park, St Kilda area is also great for food & shopping

    Federation Square - CBD, Across from Flinders St Station - Meeting place and celebration venue, has a huge TV and home to the ACMI

    ACMI - CBD, Across from Flinders St Station - Often has gaming & geek relevant exhibitions

    Melbourne Star Observation Wheel - Docklands - See Melbourne from up high!

    Phillip Island - PENGUINS! ALSO KOALAS!

    If something a little more geeky is your jam, check out these geek friendly (and often associated with PAXAus) locations -

    Beta Bar - Hawthorn, 660A Glenferrie Road, Opposite Glenferrie station, spiritual successor to Mana Bar, a gaming themed and event bar! Will have events over the PAX Aus weekend.

    Games Laboratory - CBD, a tabletop gaming focused games store and place to play Magic

    Minotaur - CBD, on Elizabeth St between Collins and Little Collins St - Geek shopping, gifts, comics

    Bartronica - CBD, Basement of 335 Flinders Lane (between Queen and Elizabeth St) - Old school arcade bar featuring original, super rare arcade games, some as old as 1975.

    Pixel Alley - Fitzroy, 95 Smith Street - Awesome pixel art themed bar with classic games and good drinks!

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    CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic Mount Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited July 2015
    The Social PAXer

    I'm above the average age of 26 by a decade or more. Will I be the oldest person there?
    No, plenty of the older gaming crowd come out to enjoy PAX as well. You are not alone. PAX is geeks reveling in geekery. Age wasn't much of a concern.

    PAX was awesome! I want to see everything next year! Should I apply to be an Enforcer?
    Enforcing means that you are likely to see less, not more, of the main PAX experience. However, you will see other wondrous things, such as how a show like PAX Aus gets made, how many rolls of gaffer tape make the show run or how awesome Yug's card tricks are. No seriously, they will BLOW YOUR TINY LITTLE MIND. When considering becoming an Enforcer it's very important to remember that you go from attending PAX for fun to attending PAX for work, and that has certain implications. Rule #2 of Enforcing is: PAX Is Not For Us - it's for Attendees. (Rule #1, of course, is 'Don't be a Dick'.) If you want to see the maximum number of things at PAX, you should consider returning as an Attendee instead of applying to be an Enforcer. That being said, the below picture is 100% true:

    Should I bring a Nintendo 3DS (or other handheld gaming device) to PAX?
    YES. PAX is a HAVEN for miltiplayer handheld gaming. Streetpassin' be MAD yo. You should also bring your PS Vita, DS, PSP, GBA, Gameboy, Game & Watch, NES Purse or any handheld system you may have! We have an awesome and comfy Handheld Lounge to chill out and play in plus you'll never be bored in a line!

    Is anybody going to be doing anything before PAX opens/after PAX closes or ends?
    Yes, there will be tons of stuff going on, keep an eye on threads in this forum to find awesome stuff to do with other PAX-goers.

    A bunch of people are getting together at a nearby bar, but I'm under 18. Will I still be able to go and hang out if I'm not drinking?
    It depends on the pub/bar but most likely not as they tend to not allow entry to underaged people at night unless there is a specific all ages event.

    CuZZa on
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    CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic Mount Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    PAX Cosplay Policy

    First off, there's a great community thread for this already where you can discuss your cosplay and ask questions of the other cosplayers attending PAX Aus

    All Costume Weapons MUST adhere to the official policy described on the PAX Aus website
    You can find these policies here.
    AaronC wrote:
    The method of checking will be a booth in the main foyer of MCEC which will be staffed by from 1 hour prior to the show to the close of Expo Hall. All attendees who have costume weapons will directed there. The Security Management Team will also be checking the exterior line and the expo line before the doors open to alleviate any delay for people who show up before the show opens.

    Anyone who has a costume weapon needs to be verified even if it's an allowed costume weapon.

    Attendees whose weapons are allowed will have one or two methods to show that they have been checked and Ok'd. Any Enforcer can check to see if the costume weapons have been checked.

    If an attendee's weapon is ok they will either get a zip tie placed on the weapon and/or a sticker on the back of their badge with a short description of the item and the name of the Enforcer who checked it.

    @AaronC is a great resource if you have any questions on the costume weapons policy, and he regularly monitors the cosplay thread I linked above. Ask him questions in there or via PM!

    What kind of restrictions on clothing are there?
    Cosplaying attendees may be asked to alter or modify their costume if it is considered overtly sexual. As to what is considered overtly sexual, that's a good question to ask PAX Staff such as @AaronC.

    What about booth babe policies?
    These apply only to staff used by exhibitors to promote their products at PAX. The official policy can be found on the PAX Aus Safety & Security website.

    Harassment at PAX
    PAX has a fully documented Safety & Security policy that includes anti-harassment measures. For more information on it, please see the PAX Aus website

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    CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic Mount Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited July 2015

    I just bought a pass on Gumtree/eBay, how do I know if it's legit?
    This really won't apply until after PAX Aus passes sell out, but I wanted to put this out there anyways. If you purchase your pass from a second hand source, you are putting yourself at risk of purchasing a counterfeit pass. Second hand sources also include this forum, which is why there will no longer be any pass selling or buying here.

    Please be aware that there may/will be repercussions for attempting to sell or buy badges on the forums.

    Please remember, buying a pass from anybody except Penny-Arcade means you are potentially buying a counterfeit pass which can be confiscated and you will be asked to leave the show.


    CuZZa on
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    CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic Mount Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited July 2015
    And thus concludes the initial posting of the PAX Aus 2015 FAQ.

    Please read it and let me know of any mistakes or suggestions for improvements.

    The rest of this thread is for PAX Aus 2015 Q&A!

    zerzhul on
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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Awesome job on this Cuzza, sorry for not sending those things in a timely fashion. Guess you got tired of waiting on me ;)

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    PDP11PDP11 Registered User regular
    the Johann Sebastian Joust games was at PAX Aus 2014 but did not have an official tournament. On the Sunday afternoon the winners and better players had an unofficial, invitation only, 'tournament' game just to see who was the best player.

    Unfortunately I don't know who supplied the equipment, or if this game is returning for PAX Aus 2015. Assuming the equipment is going to be available this year, what would be required to run a tournament during PAX Aus 2015? I'd be willing to organize some tournaments if the game is returning. I'll have a three day pass so that is not an issue. I haven't done a WWC but there is plenty of time if this is required. I couldn't find in the FAQ who I should approach to establish a new tournament.

  • Options
    CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic Mount Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Actually you asked in the right place. I'm the person who has been responsible for JS Joust at PAX Aus the last few years. The gear is mine, although this year we finally managed to get PAXAus to obtain their own set and it will be run under the same team who manage Console Freeplay, however this means that potentially we can see about organising something in the way of a tournament with the Console Tourney team. Not making any promises, but I'll definitely get the idea to the right people and see if we can do something. I'll let you know how that goes.

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    destroyer8769destroyer8769 Registered User new member
    Am I able to go all three days if I buy each day's passes seperatly if the 3 day pass is sold out?

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    fishfishmonkeyhatfishfishmonkeyhat Freelance Pin Man Newcastle, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited July 2015
    Yes you can do that.

    fishfishmonkeyhat on
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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    you can definitely do that

  • Options
    destroyer8769destroyer8769 Registered User new member
    thanks guys, ill order my tickets soon!

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    Mr-PyroMr-Pyro Registered User new member
    The rules regarding weapons seemed kind of vague, would guns with orange tips/caps be ok to bring?

  • Options
    KaneskiKaneski Registered User regular

    Firearms that aren't obvious toys are imitation and are illegal in Victoria.

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    goldhedgehoggoldhedgehog Registered User new member
    Hey guys,

    I'm not sure if any PAX event has booth/exhibitor registration available for artist tables but figured I'd asked away. If so, would definitely be interested in applying for a table. No biggie if not possible. Had a blast at PAXAUS 2013 so might even go just as an attendee.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Hey guys,

    I'm not sure if any PAX event has booth/exhibitor registration available for artist tables but figured I'd asked away. If so, would definitely be interested in applying for a table. No biggie if not possible. Had a blast at PAXAUS 2013 so might even go just as an attendee.
    I don't know if PAX Aus does that or not. I think you'll need to email the info email earlier in the thread to get an official answer on that.

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    Krak3nKrak3n Registered User regular
    I am absolutely hankering for some Vive action. Will there by any Vive booths at Pax?

  • Options
    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I don't even know what vive is! maybe?

  • Options
    Krak3nKrak3n Registered User regular
    It's the virtual reality headset from HTC, last year there were a lot of Oculus DK2 VR headsets around but was wanting to try a Vive this year.

  • Options
    BekerBeker Child's Play Program Director SeattleRegistered User, Penny Arcade Staff regular
    Krak3n wrote: »
    I am absolutely hankering for some Vive action. Will there by any Vive booths at Pax?

    There are a couple area's listed for that at Prime this month, i'm not sure if that means they are more or less likely to appear at Aus.

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    Moose_HeadMoose_Head Registered User new member
    Have we a timeline for details of all the panels and programme ?

  • Options
    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Usually that hits about a month prior to PAX. I would guess early October hopefully?

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    gruber12gruber12 Registered User regular
    This is my first time going to a PAX and anxiety permitting, will there be people playing warhammer and if so at what points is the average?

  • Options
    CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic Mount Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    @melissainau might be best suited to answer this more thoroughly, I would say closer to the event will have more information. But the Tabletop area of PAX Aus is huge and probably going to be bigger, I do remember quite a few tables with mini battles like Warhammer, Warmachine, Blood Bowl and the like on them. Your best bet would be to be flexible with what you can field as an army (and what you want to physically carry around during the show if you're bringing your own) and find some other players to take to a table.

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    CiggyCiggy Registered User new member
    I thinking of attending PAX Au this year.
    I just wanted to see if the show offers anything like the 'connect' style meet ups, to help with networking with other professionals in the industry?


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    CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic Mount Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Yes and no. Yes it allows attendees to connect freely with developers, publishers and the game industry community at large, but for attendees there is no official 'connect' style meetup. If you're within the game industry then there are events organised by game developers and game dev groups like IGDA that coincide with PAX Aus that would probably be what you're looking for. But those are usually only open to people within the industry, not PAX Attendees. Things like GCAP are run the week before PAX Aus as well as some others.

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    Squire_PugSquire_Pug Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    The anxiety thing can be easy to manage, and you just need to realise EVERYONE is willing to be your friend.

    There is timeout rooms, and quiet spaces, and if you just want to camp a table in the gaming area you can make your own cosey PAX gaming space without having to worry about anything else.

    Just a few notes,
    - if you dont like crowds rock up about an hour after opening time to be able to mostly walk straight in.
    - have everything printed, and sorted before you arrive, with your pass in plain site, you will need photo ID, keep this in an easy to reach pocket.
    - Got a friend going? If not arrange with someone at the forum to meet up outside and help you navigate through. If you're in Melbourne my wife or I would be happy to carpool, drive you in, help you get settled.

    This is a "Welcome Home" event, everyone has the same interests as you!


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    gruber12gruber12 Registered User regular
    thanks for the replies, ive been looking at doing a cosplay as a chaos Cultist Champ but dam its hard to find a trenchcoat

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    luckycharmluckycharm Perth, AURegistered User regular
    Hi all,
    I have lost my mind and will be bringing my 4 month old to pax. Does anyone remember if there are family restrooms scattered around? I am mainly looking for a microwave to warm water for bottles. Has anyone you know of attempted to run the gauntlet with one so young. I know strollers are out on some areas, so kangaroo pouch it is!

  • Options
    CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic Mount Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    I am not aware of any with these facilities directly from my very foggy memory of MCEC, but according to their website they have 'Parent Rooms in the Exhibition Centre and Convention Centre'. They don't have any additional description of them from that, your best bet would be to contact MCEC directly prior to heading to PAX to get details on these facilities. As for strollers, they are out for the Expo Hall only, most other areas are fine. Roo pouch is your best bet, bonus points for incorporating it into some form of cosplay. I have seen some amazingly adorable little assassins and ewoks at previous PAX.

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    SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Haven't got the badge yet - the schedule or the map isn't out yet - should we start getting worried?

  • Options
    vonhistvonhist Mr Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Normal not to badge or schedule yet. Expect both around the 14 days to go stage. I know its a little annoying, I'd like to see them earlier (at least an exhibitor list would be nice).

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    CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic Mount Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Senno wrote: »
    Haven't got the badge yet - the schedule or the map isn't out yet - should we start getting worried?
    vonhist wrote: »
    Normal not to badge or schedule yet. Expect both around the 14 days to go stage. I know its a little annoying, I'd like to see them earlier (at least an exhibitor list would be nice).

    No, that is normal. I believe that badges will be going out around a month before the event (so, sometime in the next 2 weeks) but keep an eye on the PAX Aus Twitter or Facebook as they will let people know when they are heading your way.

    As for schedule and map, those will come out on the website and the Guidebook app about 2 weeks before hand. Again, keep an eye on the PAX Aus Twitter or Facebook as they will announce when they are available. Also in terms of exhibitor list, those pages have been periodically announcing major exhibitors and games that will be on the show floor and/or playable at PAX Aus.

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    JazzyJazzy Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Badges started arriving in the post late last week / early this week.

    Moon Wizard.
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