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The [chat] Who Circumnavigated Fairyland



  • earthwormadamearthwormadam ancient crust Registered User regular
    See what I mean!? You give tips advice even when uninformed on a subject. Bacon 4 prez.

    Got it, I will bring a raincoat, and a coffee mug. Also I don't wanna hug strangers so I will pull a "Shaun of the Dead" and try my best to blend in.

  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    edited April 30
    Bacon 4 prez.

    All we need is a catchy slogan


    Let's be honest though the real AoB slogan would be a 40 page treatise of helpful wisdom

    Flay on
  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    edited May 20
    Thought I'd post this here first. Got a bunch of Corel software with my newest camera, thought I'd share for free if anyone wants it since I don't really need any of it. Figured this was a good place since there are always a few people who can't afford photoshop or whathaveyou.

    Don't be greedy. First come first serve. Shoot me a DM with what you want and I'll send the serial number for the software!
    [*] Paintshop Pro 2018
    [*] Aftershot Pro 3
    [*] Painter Essentials 6

    I probably won't be back on here until tomorrow so I may be slow to respond.

    Prospicience on
  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    Don't need the software, but that's cool of you Prosp

  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    No takers just yet though! I'll leave it here for another week before trying on FB, in the mean time if y'all have any friends you know that might need any of them - send them my way. Aftershot is a photo editing software, I suppose I should post that in the photo thread as well.

  • GumpyGumpy There is always a greater powerRegistered User regular
    Don't know if this is against the rules - please put me back in my box if it is! I'm looking to commission art (portrait/profile) of my significant other as a present - But I have no general concept of how much I should be budgeting and how I go about doing so. I'd also like to chat with one of the art crowd about it - would rather spend money in the forum community than outside it!

    Any tips appreciated

  • tynictynic PICNIC BADASS Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited June 12
    It's perfectly fine to ask in here! We also have a commissions/advertising thread stickied at the top of the page, though it's probably a bit out of date.

    If you're on a tight budget it's a good idea to figure out your hard upper limit first. If you can be flexible, the next question I would ask is: what kind of portrait style would you be looking for? Cartoon-ish? B&W ink sketch? Digital painting? Full-on John Singer Sargent -esque oils? (those are listed in roughly increasing order of cost, though it will depend on the artist)
    Take a google on the web, or look at threads in the forum, and figure out what suits your and your wife's aesthetics. Then you'll be able to find an artist who works in the style you like and start communicating about budgets.

    tynic on
  • PeasPeas Registered User regular
    Hey folks can anyone in here recommend me some amazing fantasy artists to drool at?

  • tynictynic PICNIC BADASS Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Ugh. I usually put my PayPal deets somewhere on my commission invoices because it's easier for private transactions, but I don't expect companies to use it. Did some work a few months back as a favour for a corporation, sent them an invoice with all my bank info up front, they cheerfully popped back with "we paid you through PayPal because it's quicker!" Of course they put it down as a sale/business transaction, so PayPal took a cut.

    So this time when I did another set of work for them, I only sent them my bank details. (It's Australia so all direct bank transfers are free and easy, this is not a big deal). The cheeky buggers wrote back asking for my PayPal account.

    no, you can't have it.

  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    Oh shit, I landed a full time concept gig!

    I definitely don't feel like my skills are there yet, so I guess I'll have to do a lot of learning on the job

  • Angel_of_BaconAngel_of_Bacon Moderator mod
    @Flay That's awesome, congratulations!

  • tynictynic PICNIC BADASS Registered User, ClubPA regular
    This is exactly the kind of bullshit that made me want to be a painter as a kid


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