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SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
Just watched the latest Flog video on Geek and Sundry (yes, they're back), and saw the group go through a Escape Room. It looked interesting, and saw that there are a few options in Melbourne. I'm curious about doing one - and I'm just posting this to see what people would think about doing an escape room on the wednesday or thursday before PAX Aus 2015. Just comment here if interested.


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    KingofMysteryKingofMystery Gamer North QueenslandRegistered User regular
    Totally interested - not sure if I'll be down in Melbourne that early. What's your thoughts? :)

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    KalgarKalgar Registered User new member
    There was one of the companies advertising at PAXAus last year, actually.

    I went there in the week following and had a lot of fun. Ended up playing all the rooms they had, actually.

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    SmuffySmuffy Registered User regular
    edited September 2015
    At the risk of getting pulled for cross-promotion, any Sydney-based people who're down for PAX by Wednesday night could buy a ticket for the Child's Play Trivia Night, where we have 2x 6 person passes for a Sydney escape room as part of the prize pool.

    Escape room link: http://www.enigmaroom.com.au/

    Trivia Night link: http://cptaus.squarespace.com/home

    And we have out own thread on the PAX Aus forum, too. :biggrin:

    EDITTED: Corrected the number of vouchers from 3 to the more accurate 2. :biggrin:

    Smuffy on
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    shockedthiefshockedthief Registered User new member
    Hi :) I made an account to respond to this,

    My mate and I would love to join, we just recently did an escape room here in Perth and it was so much fun!!

    We land on the Thursday at 6am and will be ready to go at like 10am, let me know what time you would like to make the event for and where and we are in!

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    AiyiahAiyiah Registered User new member
    Hi all,
    I'm the puzzle designer and one of the owners of The Enigma Room referenced up there by Smuffy. I'm hoping to hit up one or two escape rooms around Melbourne on the Thursday morning before PAX to check out the scene down there (and also because I love doing escape rooms in general!). I've got some venues which I'm looking at, and I'm happy to join an existing group or start up a new group and have people join me too :biggrin:

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