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Issue with my e1200 Router

For my house I have Road Runner for my broadband and have connected the modem to a Linksys e1200 wireless router.

I run a physical cable back to my desktop which is where I'm experiencing a number of issues when I game with my friends. I'll get dropped calls with Skype, serious lag and connection issues with the games we play (Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, Civilization V).

I've connected the modem directly to the computer and do not have these issues, so the problem seems to be isolated to the router.

Firmware is updated to latest. I have opened ports for the applications I use. It peak times I get ~15-16 mbps download and ~1.5 mbps upload speeds.

Any suggestions on how to improve my router's performance to mitigate my gaming troubles? I'm not the best at networking so any advice could be helpful.

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