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Zenzizenzic, now on Steam!

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Developer: bitHuffel‘s Ruud Koorevaar
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Availability: currently available on Steam for 7.99$ (20% discount during first week) (Steam link)
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Players: singleplayer, local 2 player co-operative
Contact: ruud [at]
Press info: Adult Swim Games,

Zenzizenzic is a fast-paced, adrenaline-infused twin stick bullet hell shoot 'em up and open world roguelike. Featuring a beautifully abstract art style and a thumping, full throttle soundtrack, it's sure to get your thumbs sweating and your blood pumping!


“4.5/5 | Zenzizenzic is a beautiful, fun and deadly shot of abstract twin-stick bullet hell madness, but with a little experience and a lot of technique, the massive firepower coming your way turns into a bullet-filled playground of fantastic precision gaming.”
Hardcore Gamer

“9/10 | A shmup for the modern gamer, Zenzizenzic is as bonkers as its name implies. It’s also smart, efficient and unquestionably tight.”

“Zenzizenzic is an old-school bullet-hell style shmup that looks about as crazy as a game with that name should.”


Zenzizenzic hurls you into the abstract perils of a bullet-strewn fever dream. Battle your way through five varied levels in Classic Mode or explore an open world in Macro Mode, both of which are stuffed to the brim with legions of enemies. You'll dodge an onslaught of bullets while returning fire with an awesome arsenal of weapons and power-ups, leaving complete and utter destruction in your wake.


In Classic Mode (single player or local co-op), you'll face five distinctly different levels with their own challenges, theme, bonus level and boss encounter. Arm yourself with two multi-layered weapon systems of your choosing such as screen-filling lasers, homing missile barrages, highly destructive charge shots, time jumps to slow the action down, black holes that warp and redirect immediate threats and more.

High scores don't come to the faint of heart, so test your mettle in multiple training modes. And hey, if you're in the mood for a grueling challenge, try Gauntlet Mode to try and complete all five levels in a single run.


Macro Mode (single player only) is inspired by roguelikes with an open, random and procedurally generated world based on the levels in Classic Mode. Find upgrades to enhance your ship to epic proportions— you'll need to, because you're bound to encounter massive enemies that span multiple screens! It'll take brawn and brains to tackle monsters, uncover hidden secrets and discover varying ways of optimizing your score.

Welcome to the bullet-ridden world of Zenzizenzic. Go on— give it your best shot!

Zenzizenzic is published by Adult Swim Games and currently available for a 20% discount during the first week of release until the 30th of July!

Go here to request a Steam key. There's a limited supply and first come, first serve!


  • ZenzizenzicZenzizenzic Developer on Sinner's Sorrow The NetherlandsRegistered User regular
    Thank you for posting Tube.

    I hope you guys will take a moment to check out Zenzizenzic on Steam!


    Developer on Sinner's Sorrow, a 2D atmospheric action adventure. Check out the reveal trailer here!
  • ZenzizenzicZenzizenzic Developer on Sinner's Sorrow The NetherlandsRegistered User regular
    On 1pm ET (5pm GMT) today Adult Swim Games will be streaming Zenzizenzic on I'll be in chat answering questions. Steam keys will also be given out!

    Right as the Adult Swim stream ends (about an hour later) I'll start streaming Zenzizenzic as well on, so you can check out how the developer tackles a plethora of bullets in Zenzizenzic, and probably dies often in the process!

    Developer on Sinner's Sorrow, a 2D atmospheric action adventure. Check out the reveal trailer here!
  • last_starelast_stare Indie developer YekaterinburgRegistered User new member
    Did you pass Greenlight?

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