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[Fallout 4] 2 Fast 2 Furious



  • Casually HardcoreCasually Hardcore Once an Asshole. Trying to be better. Registered User regular
    Man, these used to be manuals back in the day


    Now the game forces you to do a bunch of bullshit (okay, now walk forward) like you're too stupid to read or something.\

  • ShogunShogun Hair long; money long; me and broke wizards we don't get along Registered User regular
    Shogun wrote: »
    Remember the days when PC games came in giant boxes? Then everything starting shrinking and you'd get a very huge box with almost nothing inside. It took a few years for them to get the size right, just in time for everyone to go digital.

    I remember seeing the first small PC box I ever saw. Warcraft 3. I was like why the fuck did the put it in this tiny box? Ah to be young again. I have a friend who still has a collection of big PC boxes. I still have the small box for Hitman Blood Money on a shelf somewhere. I think that may have been the last physical copy of a game I purchased.
    I was actually glad when the small boxes hit, even though I was already buying pretty much everything on Steam at that point. Not everyone has room for all that shit in their home.

    personally i love not having shelves of PC game boxes, disc cases, and books anymore. Between Steam, my Kindle, and my media pc in the living room I don't have to store any media physically anymore.

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