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    hippofanthippofant ティンク Registered User regular
    @MNC Dover Were you counting the # posts on page 99 or something, and just lying in wait?

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    djFindusdjFindus Registered User regular
    edited September 2015
    hippofant wrote: »
    djFindus wrote: »
    I really didnt like this brawl but the pack had Tirion in it wich I was considering crafting so yay me I guess!

    I actually really like this Brawl? Whether intentional or not, their limiting the free minion to 2-mana or 3-mana limits the RNGness of it - unlike, say, Portals. It keys of your life, so there are some interesting things you can do - like pinging yourself, or hitting for face damage when unnecessary - that wouldn't normally be viable plays. And there seem to be 2 archetypes developing in the meta for the brawl - take damage yourself and get those free minions, or control the board and then burst down your low-life opponent.

    And shit gets really wacky when it's two of the same archetype facing off. I've had games where I'm like... I could play this Whirling Zap-o-matic on 2, but I don't want to because it's a Rogue and she probably wants to take the 3 damage, and I don't have the cards to back up a tempo play, so instead I'm going to totem and play for a later burst using Bloodlust. (I lost that game, partially because my opponent was playing a TON of taunts, but also I accidentally hit face with my Arcane Nullifier BEFORE my Powermace, costing me 2 damage, which was 1 more than I needed next turn, with Fire Elemental in hand :( )

    Maybe I havent played enough of it but I played 5 games of wich I lost 1, my first, because I didnt pick Warlock immediately. The other 4, all wins, was both of us playing zoo warlock and just waiting each other out with taps and me keeping board controll and not hitting face until I could go for the kill with a PO minion. This is honestly the first brawl I havent liked! It just doesnt feel like zany fun to me, I guess what I want is more RNG :bigfrown:

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