Recommendations for Bluetooth speaker?

I recently bought a small Bluetooth speaker to stream music and podcasts via my iPad; it's for when I'm cleaning or cooking and there's a bit of noise but I don't want to wear earbuds. Unfortunately, the speaker was not only cheap but also crap; I don't need super hifi quality, but the iPad's speakers were considerably better quality and much clearer.

Which means I'm now in the market for something a bit pricier but also better. It's less volume I need than audio quality, and a thumping bass isn't altogether required. It's more likely that I'll be listening to Aimee Mann or the latest This American Life than Prodigy or Metallica, to give you a frame of reference. If I can move it around easily (say, I have it in the kitchen most of the time but when I do something else but want to listen to some music I can put it somewhere more central), that's a definite benefit.

If I'm looking for something decent along those lines between US$100 and $200, what would you recommend? Or is there a good case for me spending a bit more?

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  • thatassemblyguythatassemblyguy RESIST. ಠ_ಠRegistered User regular
    I own a Logitech UE BOOM. It's at the high-end of your desired price range ($200 on amazon), so that might be a bit of a negative.

    However, it's been a solid Bluetooth player for me for almost two years now. I've taken it multi-day trekking and used it around the house. Very portable, and, at least the manufacture lot I have, has been pretty durable.

    The USB cable and wall wart it comes with are a bit silly because of the garish color, but that's just my opinion.

  • ThirithThirith Registered User regular
    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into that. The crap mini speaker I got is a Logitech, but then I pretty much got what I paid for... :) Also, I've been happy with every single other Logitech device I've ever bought.

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  • GrobianGrobian What's on sale? Pliers!Registered User regular
    I also wanted to recommend the UE boom and it's smaller brother, the mini boom. They are also on the top of their respective lists at the wirecutter, iirc. I own the mini and find the sound is good, definitely way better than the iPad speakers. If you have that one and your sound is shit, maybe it's faulty?

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  • thatassemblyguythatassemblyguy RESIST. ಠ_ಠRegistered User regular
    If i was to hazard a guess, the crappy speaker isn't the UE Mini Boom, it's either a X300 or X100 "Mobile Speaker"?

    If so, definitely check out a UE Boom, or like Grobian mentions, a UE Mini Boom.

  • ThirithThirith Registered User regular
    Nah, the one I've got is smaller. It looks like a hockey puck... and sounds like one. :P

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  • MugsleyMugsley Registered User regular
    I got THIS last week and consider the sound quality to be very good. There is/was a coupon to take an additional $10 off the price.

  • MichaelLCMichaelLC In what furnace was thy brain? ChicagoRegistered User regular
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    The new UE Roll has been well reviewed too.

    I got a Photive CYREN and it's a good music & speakerphone if you want to get something much cheaper.

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  • chrishallett83chrishallett83 A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords in the morningRegistered User regular
    How is the Yamaha NX-100 reviewing?

  • wunderbarwunderbar What Have I Done? Registered User regular
    was also coming to recommend the UE boom. I'm in love with mine.

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  • ThirithThirith Registered User regular
    Thanks again for all the suggestions. Even though they informed my decision, I ended up going for the Denon Envaya Mini (though not in that garish white-orange colour scheme). Very happy with it so far - good both for podcasts (when I'm cooking and I've got the... extractor hood? is that what they're called in English? on) and the music I like listening to.

    "Nothing is gonna save us forever but a lot of things can save us today." - Night in the Woods
  • BigityBigity Lubbock, TXRegistered User regular
    This is what I use, but it has been discontinued. Cheap and works, but I am no hard core music buff so take it for what you will.

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