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    As a lefty who hates to use the ctrl z due to how awkward it feels, that might be a godsend if I could get it to work on my pc

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    Iruka wrote: »
    Clip paint on the ipad is just the full version of clip paint. Its great, but I highly recommend getting something for hotkeys. At first I got a bluetooth keyboard, but I wanted more flexibility on how I could sit with the ipad, so I got a little bluetooth controller:

    The set up is finicky, but I found a mapping that works for me.

    Somethings to factor in:
    - Clip paint on the ipad is a monthly subscription
    - Getting files off the ipad if you don't have a mac to air drop is annoying. I use dropbox (another subscription). Dropbox occasionally fails with the larger files, and I use air drop for that.
    - The pencil is very thin, and caused me a ton of strain. You might want to look into foam or gel pencil rests to put on it.

    Almost all my recent work has been on the ipad, so its performing pretty well and it seems like it was work the investment.

    Thank you Iruka!

    Any thoughts on which size to get? I'm flip-flopping between the 11 or the 12.9.

    With an 11 I'd be able to afford one of the beefier memory options, and it's nearly a half-pound lighter. On the other hand, since my main purpose with the thing would be digital drawing, the 12.9 might be a better choice for the increased canvas space?

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    I have the 12.9 and I wish I could buy a bigger one. If you think you'll be comfortable with the 11 inches, I dont want to tell you how you draw, BUT if you plan to use clip paint you will have to do some serious adjusting to the UI to get shit off your screen to recover the real estate.

    The power/memory is pretty nice, but the smaller the screen, the harder it is for me to imagine getting expansive work done.

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    You've convinced me, 12.9 it is! Thanks for the advice. I've been squirreling funds away for a while, so it sounds worth it to pay for the extra screen real estate.

    My utter failure to accurately 'ink' over my sketch layer with my intuos earlier this year meant I've been eyeing a screen drawing thing for a while. I swear I can go back over my lines with at least SOME consistency when working with physical media!

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    Got an ipad, it rules, having some trouble with the 8bitdo hotkey doohickey I got for cheap.

    I've managed to get the ipad to recognize the device (it thinks it's a Dualshock controller), but I can't seem to assign hotkeys in Clip Studio. When I go to 'shortcut settings' and 'add shortcut,' it is not recognizing my inputs for the button I'd like assigned.

    8bitdo's website says "Go to your painting App and set the controller as ‘keyboard’ before using." Not sure where that option is though. Any advice?

    Edit: NEVERMIND, helps if I read the instructions that came with the thing, ha. I think I've got it now!

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