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The Library of Blockadia [Links & Resources] (updated 4/24/16)

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TWB Threads and Activities


IRC Information


Movie Watching Club



Word of the Week (writing game)

Chronicles (epistolary group fiction)


Anthology Submissions



–Paid site that lets you search for publications, track submissions and see stats on response times

The Submission Grinder:
–A less attractive but more free alternative to Duotrope

Writer Beware:

Preditors and Editors:

SFWA Membership Requirements:
–Includes lists of qualifying venues for novels and short stories

Harlequin writing guidelines:

Agent Query:
-Free database of literary agents

Association of Authors' Representatives:

Query Shark:
-How to write and revise query letters


Let's Get Critical, Critical:
-Our very own thread on best practices for critiquing

Turkey City Lexicon:


How to describe skin tone:

Seven Steps to the Perfect Story:

The Snowflake Method:

Worldbuilding Questions:

The Art of Dramatic Writing – Premise:

Jim Butcher – Story Skeletons:

The Lester Dent Pulp Paper Master Fiction Plot:

How to write a novel in three days:

Outline Your Novel in Thirty Minutes:

A map to get out of writer’s block:

Jeff VanderMeer’s Wonderbook site:

Stephen King on imagery:

The Emotion Thesauraus:

Stuff from Chuck Wendig’s blog, which is generally NSFW due to saucy language:


The Mighty Master Generation Station:

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