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Tips from a local! (Where to Eat, How to Get Around, Where to Drink.. Freebies!)

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Afternoon Everyone,
I wanted to share some tips and tricks for non-locals and invite any other downtown Seattle people to add their 2 cents.

Skip The Taxi
Download Lyft and Uber on your phone, both have a first time ride credit so that's 2 free rides right away! For those of you who live in area's that don't have this service it's essentially a ride share service that you can request rides on demand and pay directly from paypal or your credit card. It's really easy and a great way to meet cool people who drive for Lyft/Uber in their free time. I recommend Lyft over Uber as I prefer the drivers.. but download both to take advantage of the free rides.
Seattle is a very walkable city.. as long as you don't mind the hills, if you feel like taking advantage of public transit I recommend the app onebusaway

First of for those folks who have dietary restrictions
Gluten Free: My #1 pick in Seattle is Nuflours up in the Capital Hill area... it's a bakery that does breakfast and lunch type things.. they also have a great selection of vegan options.
Vegan: Wayward Café...neat little place.. great option for all day.
Café Flora is vegetarian with Vegan and Gluten free options.. all of which tend to be pretty awesome.
(Famous Places)
Paseos's in Freemont which you will generally run into a line down the block and still sells out every day for lunch.
There's also an assortment of Tom Douglas restaurants I recommend Serious Pie and Lola's for breakfast (There's a serious pie attached to probably the coolest Starbucks in the world right up the road from the convention center on Pike/Minor (2 minute walk)

I'd recommend walking 5-10 minutes down the hill towards Pike Place.. or up Pike towards 12th if you want to get dinner... everything near the convention center tends to be over priced chains serving food you would find in a mall. Seattle in my opinion is one of the great food destinations in the country.. don't waste it on CheeseCake Factory.

On that note Seattle has some great food delivery options for those that just want to have great food delivered to you outside the convention center or to your hotel.
#1 in my book is Caviar the # of options is smaller but the tip is included and there's never any surprise charges also right now new customers get $20 dollars off the first order (I'll give you the referral link at the bottom of this post) so Free food!
#2 PostMates ..this is like Lyft or Uber but for food.. it's a good option because you can literally get food from anywhere delivered right to your face but sometimes there's weird service fee's so I always use Caviar first.

So Seattle has a billion bars.. my advice is more about area's and the music/clientele that those establishments cater to.

Capital Hill: So this is right up the hill from the convention center, it's an area of 70% Dive Bars and 30% trendy night clubs. It's also Seattle's version of the Castro in California(LBGT... we've got rainbow crosswalks) There's plenty of straight bars also but just be aware that there's a few places you'll walk into with drag shows and male go go dancers and it's generally a ton of fun.

Pioneer Square:
A lot more traditional clubs down here like Trinity and cowgirls inc... it's also kinda scary at night.. I mean it's Seattle but Pioneer square can get a little weird.

Sooo I may be bias'd but for me Belltown is kind of rachet :D I'm sure other folks my disagree but this is leopard print and hoops... surrounded popped collars and hats that still have stickers on them.

So I hope this is helpful to some people and I invite anyone else to add their 2 cents on food and travel and drinking fun! See you all at Pax!

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  • FantanaFantana Registered User regular
    Also a few helpful apps for Seattle or anywhere is Yelp and OpenTable ... Yelp for reviews/menu's ect. and Opentable allows you to make reservations ... which with 80,000 people looking for food it's cool to be able to just walk right in with a reservation.

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    I feel like an idiot for not posting my Lyft referral code here before. I just assumed it wasn't allowed.

    Excited to be a passenger for a change this year, however! Been driving a lot to save up for this trip.

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    posting your referral link isn't allowed. I've removed all the referral links from their post.

    That sort of thing is fine for a signature, but not for bringing attention to with a post.

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    Also, it's great that you're offering tips, but we actually already have a pretty active food and drink thread already ( If you want to make a travel specific one I don't think we have that yet.

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