Holden: Upcoming indie adventure

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Holden is a indie game about the most ordinary teenager with a complex nature and a good imagination. Imagine 14 years old guy, who get a house arrest as punishment for another prank and was locked in his room. Summer, sun and other joys of life are far away now, he has a a room mess, evil parents, half-eaten pizza and a bunch of old comic books. It would seem bored death, but it's not so simple. Holden has a rather good visionary, that allow flipping into the pages of comic books and fully immersed in the events of a story, described in the journal.This guy is not just an observer now, he is a fictional stories hero in surreal worlds.

The game will be a third-person action/adventure, with the ability to smartly shoot enemies and destroy the surrounding objects with a bat and, of course, you'll find multi-level flights of stairs, objects to move, jumps on the platforms and quests with keys & locked doors. As you progress through quests, Holden will return to the real world and find new comic books with new stories in his room. As a result, we are waiting for a dozen different game worlds with their quests, enemies and other features.

What is it about?

Any indie project differs from AAA not only with modest graphics and low cost, but also an attempt to make the game less than a template, add some bold ideas. The game world will be filled with Holden's hooligan attitude towards life and others, teenage problems, crazy ideas, jokes and rock. Perhaps, not everyone will want to try this cocktail, but those whose lives (lived) with these ingredients should like it.


At present it is difficult to say when the game will be released, i do everything possible that would bring this point. Improving mechanics, designing location, inventing stories. I need to get feed back very much and hope i would get it here. Tell me everything you think you should. It will be great.













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