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Penny Arcade - PATV - DLC Podcast Show – It’s Still Too Late

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imagePenny Arcade - PATV - DLC Podcast Show – It’s Still Too Late

This week Gabe and Tycho create the comic It's Still Too Late. Listen to the podcast here.

Read the full story here

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  • LittlestarsLittlestars Registered User regular
    The Franzibald fight is over? I loved those strips. I loved how it carried over into The Trenches. I don't exactly encourage bashing in that guy's direction, but I do derive joy from it. I was in from the introduction of the twin wands, Hurt and Burn.

    There's a Sagan of pages of commentary I can offer up in return to these discussions between Kruhollowsbane and Jehorn von Hronswick just in this one podcast. I even attempted to write up some of it. Someone, possibly multiple someones, will thank me for thinking better of it. So I rolled a die to decide what I'll briefly comment on.

    I forget people as soon as I finish talking to them. I value that brainspace, my harddrive, differently than others, and I think it's because I am deficient a very specific aspect. Some people prioritize remembering the names of all eight puppies their neighbor's dog had. I prioritize remembering how to function as a human being. Sure, I can be social, but then I might start spewing bile on your face, sucking your boiling faceblood, and laying my eggs in the corpse. Some people can be human, and social, and pleasant, and genuinely empathetic and caring, all at the same time. I cannot.

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