Airport Transportation

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  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    If you can't find any one just take Lyft or Uber. I took Lyft and is was like $18 to downtown after new rider coupon - you have to download the app and use "APPSTORE" promo code. Or you can use the friend code they gave me for $20 off your ride.

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    Take the train.

    Max808 on Reddit has a good breakdown:

    "There's an "ORCA" Vending machine at SeaTac/Airport station. It takes both credit/debit and cash.
    Purchase a one-way ticket to your destination. (Depending on where your hotel is, you may either choose University Street Station or Westlake Station)."

    I'd recommend Westlake Station if you actually want to get to the convention center as it's closer.

    Beyond that, enjoy Seattle!

  • AjaxonAjaxon Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Lyft and Uber (UberX) aren't legally allowed to pick up at Seatac, though YMMV depending on the driver.

    Link light rail is definitely the easiest way. It's $3 to Westlake from Seatac.

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    I wouldn't recommend it if you're a public transit novice, but you can get to the end of line at the Convention Place Station if you get off the light rail at any Downtown Seattle Tunnel Station and catch any bus going North. The Convention Place Station is a bit closer to the hotels around the convention center, but it's only really worth it if you don't want to walk and already have an ORCA card for the transfer.

  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    Yeah, I didn't know about U & L weren't able to pickup their until I was there, it's not an issue in Boston. I just called the driver and told him I was at the airport. Easy.

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