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The Games Industry Rumble, Live at the Hydra Theatre! Twitch archives in the OP!

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Twitch archives:

The most electrifying event in video game sports entertainment has returned to Seattle! At 10:00 AM PST this Sunday thirty of the finest competitors will enter the squared circle but only one will be left standing and challenge the current champion for the title. Who will it be?

Using the finest 64 bit technology and a copy of Wrestlemania 2000 they will simulate a royal rumble. The only rules of a royal rumble are that challengers enter the ring at timed intervals and the only way they exit is by going over the top rope. That's the how but let's just get straight to the who:

Current Champion:

Name: The Wolf
Real Name: Alex Navarro
Twitter: alex_navarro
Affiliation: RUN GFB
The reigning champion of Games Industry Wrestling revealed he was a member of RUN GFB, the most notorious organization in the industry, to help regain his stolen championship belt against Dirty Dan Ryckert at Paxamania. With his new backing will he continue his streak? Or will he break alliances again as he did at the first Rumble to maintain his belt?

Known Entrants:

Name: Bones
Real Name: Alex Rubens
Twitter: alexrubens
Affiliation: RUN GFB?
After winning the eight person Gang Beasts Invitational to secure his spot in the Rumble he revealed his affilation with RUN GFB but the legitimacy of his claims are still unknown.

Name: Alexa Ray Corriea
Real Name: Alexa Ray Corriea
Twitter: alexarayc
Affiliation Indie Love Coalition
Founding member of the ILC who are seen as the antidote to the larger RUN GFB.

Name: Professa Killah
Real Name: Austin Walker, aka DJ Professa A, aka The Black Marx, aka The New Nietzsche, aka Bars von Trier, aka Real Names No Gimmicks
Twitter: austin_walker
Affiliation: Unknown
He's not here to win, he's here to equalize.
Current Promo:
Name: D-Leazy
Real Name: Dave Lang
Twitter: dleazyofficial
Affiliation: RUN GFB
Leader of the notorious RUN GFB and lives only to see fools get bopped. He has never officially been eliminated from a rumble.

Name: Dirty Dan Ryckert
Real Name: Dan Ryckert
Twitter: danryckert
Affiliation: Himself
Known for his dirty tactics he previously engineered an undeserved title shot at paxamania where he was betrayed by RUN GFB and has currently vowed to climb his way back to the top.
Current Promo:
Name: Dan Teasdale
Real Name: Dan Teasdale
Twitter: deliciousbees
Affiliation: Unknown
Sworn enemy of The Underdraker but has not made an appearance since the first rumble, perhaps it's time to hire a new limo driver?

Name: Notorious D.O.D
Real Name: Danny O'Dwyer
Affiliation: Unknown
Newcomer to the rumble, he talks a big game but can he back it up?
Current Promo:
Name: Dr. Tracksuit
Real Name: ????
Twitter: TracksuitMD
Affiliation: RUN GFB
Word has come in that his manager Jeff Gerstmann has returned from his plane trip to parts unknown, does this mean the Dr. has the medicine he needs to take out the competition?
Current Promo:
Name: The Underdraker
Real Name: John Drake
Twitter: johntdrake
Affiliation: RUN GFB
After being risen from the dead he is one of the main members of RUN GFB, but what are his motivations? Do the dead still wish to win?

Name: The Rocketeer
Real Name: Kate Welch
Affiliation: Unknown
Mortal enemy of our champion the Wolf and champion limo driver.

Name: Khahil White
Real Name: Khahil White
Twitter: h_e_e_l_s
Affiliation: Unknown
Newcomer to the rumble and little is known.

Name: The Dog Walker
Real Name: Mary Kish
Twitter: Mary Kish
Affiliation: Unknown
After losing the eight person Gang Beasts Invitational she has found her way into the rumble through some other means and is gunning for Alex "Bones" Rubens.
Current Promo:
Name: Um Jammer Sammy
Real Name: Samantha Kalman
Twitter: samanthazero
Affiliation: Indie Love Coalition
Founding member of the Indie Love Coalition, she has previously helped defeat Dr. Tracksuit with the power of love, her strategy for the upcoming rumble seems to be biological warfare.
Current Promo:
Name: Samit Sarkar
Real Name: Samit Sarkar
Twitter: samitsarkar
Affiliation: Unknown
The most well dressed person in Games Industry Wrestling, he was eliminated ninety seconds into the second rumble, has he been training since then?

Name: Sean Baptiste
Real Name: Sean Baptiste
Affiliation: Unknown
Similar to Samit, Sean was eliminated two minutes into his appearance at the first rumble, will we see a comeback?

Name: Shawn Alexander Allen
Real Name: Shawn Alexander Allen
Twitter: aNuChallenger
Affiliation: Unknown
Making his first appearance with the Indie Love Coalition in their exhibition match against RUN GFB he abandoned his teammates and decided to go truly independent, only time will tell if this move pays off.

Name:Stephanie Bayer
Real Name: Stephanie Bayer
Twitter: NSSteph
Affiliation: Unknown
She returns to the industry after having been eliminated by the champ himself in the first rumble.

Name: Tim Turi
Real Name: Tim Turi
Twitter: timturi
Affiliation: Unknown
Debuting at tomorrow's rumble, he has an intense rivalry with former colleague Dirty Dan Ryckert
Current Promo:
Name: The Trin Train
Real Name: Trin Garritano
Twitter: TrinAndTonic
Affiliation: Unknown
One of the founding members of the Indie Love Coalition, she may have not competed at paxamania but she is ready to run a train on the competition.

Post your speculation and hype here for what is sure to be a great event!

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