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What did you trade at PAX Prime this year?



  • BrushwoodMuttBrushwoodMutt Registered User regular
    edited September 2015
    @evanephrine Still was it you who I traded the IcedCoffee Kemper for? Other than you I can't remember who else I would have traded it for and I'm pretty sure we did two trades..

    Also, I have no clue how I remember all of that.

    Edit: I remembered I got the IcedCoffee from an enforcer at Main Theater for a Rainbow Six

    BrushwoodMutt on
  • MozleronMozleron WotC Build engineer Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    I made a lot of trades, including a Fallout boy for two World of Warships and a Rage of Demons, as well as traded MM a scratched Khoo face for the Aus 13 Kemper. She said she was going to take the Khoo Face out of circulation, so that might be why she agreed to the trade. Also, that trade happened Thursday at lunch a little bit before she opened 00Fayte00's DBM.

    I wish I had known there were full AUS 13 sets floating around because I was carrying around a number of 13 and 14 full sets I would be more than willing to trade.

  • QumadenQumaden World's Mightiest Mortal Registered User regular
    I don't remember many trades that I did. I think I only did like three or four actual trades, think I gave away twice that many.

  • CesspoolCesspool Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    edited September 2015
    I'll try to remember them all but there were a lot. Mine on the left, what I got on the right.

    Kemperoo for a Carl to a woman near the Pin trading table.
    South Badge for an ETC to a woman with a very impressive lanyard near ThinkGeek.
    AI logo and Catsby for Rage of Demons to a guy new to trading that was asking myself and another pin trader advice about etiquette, rarity, etc.
    Emu and Drop bear for Companion Cube and Wheatley to a guy after the pin trading pannel.
    2 pins I can't recall for the other two portal pins to a different person near merch.
    Prime shield to an enforcer for a Hearthstone.
    Tyto and Bragh for an Amperstand to Silrn. The trade started after the pin panel when I tried to trade him Tyto for it. He told me if I could get a hold of Bragh he'd be interested. Went straight to the Star Wars line and managed to eventually catch up to him outside Kurtx's panel.
    Gave 2 fodder pins to a kid in the staff line that didn't have many.

    Traded Jamie for a corgi and her 3rd pin.
    Traded Merch Mistress my extra Prime Polygon for a slightly damaged Hearthstone and a Combo Breaker from her personal stash.
    Nabbed a lot of nice pins at the Staff trading event including a second Bragh that Brian cursed me to keep forever and never trade or bad stuff would go down. I also got 3 deep into Khoo's card game before I lost. Got Mike and Jerry's new pins. Did a lot of trading at Pin Table too.

    There were plenty I'm forgetting, but I had a blast.

    Cesspool on
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