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Remember when the composer for Halo got fired from Bungie?

Indie WinterIndie Winter die KräheRudi Hurzlmeier (German, b. 1952)Registered User regular
well, here's why that happened, according to Koatku:
shortly before E3 2013 as Bungie was preparing a trailer for Destiny featuring O’Donnell’s music, Activision stepped in and took over trailer creation, supplying its own music instead... O’Donnell responded to the Activision-scored trailer by tweeting during the game’s E3 presentation that the music was not Bungie’s, threatening fellow employees in an attempt to keep the trailer from being posted online and interrupted press briefings... O’Donnell believed the Bungie spirit was being compromised by the Activision agreement, and perhaps they were. But management saw his actions as disruptive and harmful. O’Donnell was given a poor employee review in the fall of 2013. In lieu of his next review in February 2014, Bungie drafted a termination agreement.

Videogames, man. Shit's fucked up.



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