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    米津玄師 MV「パプリカ」Kenshi Yonezu / Paprika 3:25

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    Kim Jung Gi Sketchbook Tour 2 14:12

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    Sketch with Peter Han ep 5 2:25:51

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    Heart Forecast - Eve MV 3:43

    Lotte Ghana Chocolate “Pink Valentine” Theme Song

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    'Uncomfortable' of Draw a Box (AKA Irshad Karim) has given advice on being 'ready' to draw something as part of Lesson 0 in written form in the past, but I really like his new short video about it:

    I tend to put a lot of obstacles in front of myself when learning a new skill, and I'm especially guilty of telling myself I'm not 'ready' for whatever reason to tackle the project I want to. His advice is to do it anyway, and accept that it's going to be crap. So I've been taking that advice lately, and I have a bunch of drawings I will never show the world but which I really enjoyed making and which taught me some things about what NOT to do.

    It's also helped my motivation, because doing lessons all the time isn't fun. Drawing what I want to is fun though, even if the result is terrible.

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    Thanks btw, I kinda needed that

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    Dareharu 『Karma』 MV 4:38

    Animation - RDR(람다람)
    Word/Music - ampstyle
    Vocal - Chohee(초희)
    Solo Guitar - AZ
    Additional Guitar - seibin
    Additional Key - ミツキヨ(Mitsukiyo)
    Bass - 유경환 (Kyung-hwan Yoo)
    Produced by ampstyle

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    smooooch・∀・ HD画質、高音質 2:01

    This is really old but I just came across a HD version and I really like the animation

    edit: This is new
    Bakermat & Kidda - Under The Sun (Official Video) 3:20

    Directors: Ben Vinkenburg & Thijs Viegers
    Producer: Bart Maalderink
    Animation: Studio Plumeau & Pegbarians
    Animation studio: Studio Plumeau

    You're all, all the joys under the sun, wrapped up into one

    Head Quicksketch with Brush Pens - Miss Jisu Demo 14:37

    トリガーハッピー / キタニタツヤ - Trigger Happy / Tatsuya Kitani (vertical Video) 3:30

    Trigger Happy / Tatsuya Kitani
    Music : キタニタツヤ
    Director : Mana Inoue(OTOIRO)

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    Glal wrote: »
    Man, every video done by Knights of the Light Table makes me want to watch a show set in that universe. Or at least play a tabletop game in that setting.

    Night Runner - Magnum Bullets (feat. Dan Avidan) [Official video] 4:31
    Video by Knights of the Light Table ►
    Song by Night Runner ►
    Vocals/lyrics & video concept ► Dan Avidan

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