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    Beef AvengerBeef Avenger Registered User regular
    edited September 2015
    I really don't like rift. This ''get 5 kills while your team has a runner" quest is seeming impossible right now because I'm getting nothing but blowout games where my team never even gets a runner

    it doesn't help that this last word crucible quest is super punishing and I can lose like 30% in a bad match

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    RendRend Registered User regular
    I honestly don't know why there isn't a matchmade queue in crucible.

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    cB557cB557 voOOP Registered User regular
    New thread, guys.

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    VorpalVorpal Registered User regular
    Good god, playing zone control with pubbies is the worst thing. Even worse than rift.

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    CptHamiltonCptHamilton Registered User regular
    Anybody want to join me and Gridlynk on Ps4 for court of oryx?

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