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Dinner meetups in the city.

CarrotTopCarrotTop Registered User regular
edited September 2015 in PAX Australia
Hey guys.

I'm travelling into Melbourne solo and dining out each night.
I'm looking to create dinner meetups for us awesome nerds to get together and geek out, so, all you gamers, cosplayers, streamers and Youtubers, lets organise a time and place to get together.

I was originally thinking Young & Jackson's, but the menu is pricey and I don't think the choices would be for everyone. I think we are more about burgers and fish and chips, so I suggest the Mitre Hotel, 5 Bank Place, Melbourne
Let me know what you think.

CarrotTop on


  • CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic Mount Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Remember there is the Promenade nearby that has a bunch of excellent eateries that is close to PAX, plenty of room and great food. Munich Brauhaus and Meat Market are excellent.

  • DarkDayzDarkDayz Registered User new member
    Ok, Crash course on Melbourne eateries.
    Young and Jackson is a pub its not the greatest of places.
    My suggestions.
    8 bit burger if you want some pixel based awesomeness! (burgers and chilli cheese fries), only problem is it is outside the city :(
    Grand trailer park at the top end of town does some down right crazy good American burgers.
    The Merrywell is right outside the exhibition centre, great burgers can get a little pricy.
    The Common man (other end of the exhibition building) great food/ beer.
    The Melbourne Public outright one of the best pubs in town.
    Mamasita's in the city, ridiculously good Mexican.
    Stir Fridays is currently going on at the Victoria markets which host some of the best Asian cuisine in Melb.

  • bman26bman26 Registered User regular
    Huxtaburger in the CBD - Great burgers
    Cafe 51 in South Melbourne (Lunch only) - Look this place up on Instagram, ridiculous burgers.
    Big Boy BBQ CBD - American BBQ
    Beatbox Kitchen @ Rooftop bar CBD
    Shanghai Street Dumplings on Little Bourke - CBD
    Turf Bar on Queen St does a mean Chicken Parma

    Can't go wrong with DarkDayz suggestions too, all top notch!

    Also, avoid eating on Southbank as for the most part is expensive and of average quality - some exceptions!

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