First Time In A Long time

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About 9 hours. Already pushing how long I've ever spent on anything, and I've never finished a piece ever, so here's my first stab in a long time.

Been about 3 years since I've done anything legitmate. Sorry for the shitty photo. The big gray blotches are the cracked lense on my camera. Any crits?

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    ninjaininjai Registered User regular
    Already my best work ever. Got the right scarf/coat blocked in. I camt wait to see this thing when it's done

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    ninjaininjai Registered User regular
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    Last update today. Started rushing so I'm going to break and come back refreshed. Sorry if size is too big, posted from my phone so idk

    It occurs to me now that the right eye is pretty fucked lol.

    Can somebody show me what's going wrong there?

    ...though maybe it's the photo angle?

    Eh it was the nose, and the chin is too big, bleh

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    NibCromNibCrom Registered User regular
    Hard for me to tell from the photos, but…

    I think I see a lot of parallel lines in the shading. Hurts the illusion if you are going for realism. I think using very small circles instead of long strokes would help.

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    m3nacem3nace Registered User regular
    Or maybe follow the form with your lines, such as Gibson
    but as such I don't have any problems with long strokes if you're purely going for value (however following the form will help improve your sense of form, so I would still recommend that)
    Get a scanner though, or take the photos in better lighting, it's very hard to critique something this blurry.

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