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Latest post feature not always going to the latest post

The WolfmanThe Wolfman Registered User regular
I took a glance around and didn't see it mentioned elsewhere, so apologies if this is a retread.

I've been having this intermittent problem with some threads where, if I click on the title to go to the latest post, it doesn't actually go to the latest post. It seems to instead get stuck on a specific post on the latest page. I'll briefly see the page loading correctly, only to jump up when it's done. It doesn't happen with all threads, and the problem usually fixes itself once the thread jumps to a new page. It's also happening in both Chrome and Firefox, also jumping to the same stuck post.

edit: Actually, now that I'm paying more attention to it, I'm noticing it's really only doing it on pages that have a lot of embedded tweets in them. So I guess it's not so much getting stuck as it is just loading the tweets and then pushing the page up as a result.

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  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    Yup, that's what happens. Sometimes with images, Youtube videos, etc. as well.

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  • EchoEcho Moderator mod
    Yeah, that happens when dynamic content like tweets or embedded Youtube videos gets loaded after the actual forum page loads.

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