[IOS] Looking for feedback - Word game with Promo Codes

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I recently released my latest IOS word game and I would love to get some feedback from word gamers as far as scoring and general game play. (Up to now my only feedback has come from friends and family).

The game is called TenWords and is available on the Apple App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/app/ten-words/id1034896624?mt=8.

Its pretty easy to pick up and play, but its fun and challenging to find the best word by selecting letters from each of the 2 columns. (The letters have to be consecutive - no spaces in between!).


Its not a free to play game, so here are some demo codes to allow 8 of you word fanatics to try it out. (If you take one, please leave feedback, good OR bad!):
    [li]RWM7XNJT9F99[/il] [li]7YYKP4AH69P4[/il] [li]Y439PWJLM7YL[/il] [li]3HTLPP7FREPX[/il] [li]JFR4PF7LLFNJ[/il] [li]JE3NJJ9M76TP[/il] [li]Y44AA7NLRLEN[/il] [li]TE6E9L49TKNJ[/il]

Thank you for giving it a try!


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    glazedkoalaglazedkoala Registered User regular
    I used TE6E9L49TKNJ!

    Here's my feedback:

    I think there's actually something to this idea. Compared to games like Text Twist or Alpha Bear, your options are much more limited - but that's okay if you put immense time pressure on the player. You already put a little on, but it's not enough. I still found myself letting my time bonus go to zero because I felt the most important thing was to find the best word - and was always disappointed if there wasn't a very good word to make. If that time pressure was really tight - maybe you have 5 or 10 seconds before you lose your chance to submit a word, the game would feel more exciting. I'd be happy just to get ANY word in probably. If you could then challenge a friend to see who gets a higher score in 10 rounds, this could be a very fun and social game.

    There is no tutorial in the game... I guess maybe if I pressed info it would've told me how to play? I didn't even notice that button in game. It wasn't clear to me why hitting the check mark didn't work sometimes (there's no indication that this was because what I spelled wasn't a real word). I don't know what the button in the bottom left does... I assume it leaves the game?

    The game's UI could benefit from animations and just general modernization. The score adding up is needlessly slow.

    I think my best word was HORIZON! It would've been cool if the game told me this upon finishing. Also it could encourage me to tweet it!

    TL;DR: Good concept, speed it up, make it head to head, improve the UI.

    Ethan Benanav
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    hc1hc1 Registered User new member
    Thank you so much glazedkoala! That is exactly the kind of feedback I am looking for.

    I will be incorporating some (if not all) of your suggestions for next release. (Which I hope to be within the next 2 to 3 weeks.) Thank you again!

    Anyone else have any suggestions?

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