Advice on how to get more people to read my fundraising page & grow the FB page

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Hi guys,

In short, I need advice on how to get my fundraising & social media for this out to as many people as possible.

I'm doing some crazy fundraising challenges as I can to help the refugee crisis in Europe from Syria & the war-torn Middle East at the moment.

So far - I have some items to give away that I'm raffling off and so have got the post at the bottom of this post out to many & various reddit subreddits, I would like advice on how to get more people to look so I can attempt to raise even more to help!

Thanks for reading guys


Have you ever wanted a chance to win some games, and do some good for the world at the same time?

Now’s your chance!

I’m doing a charity fundraising number of events for helping the refugee / migrant crisis.

You can see details and updates here: [mod edit]

Now onto the games part – we have donations / sponser of games from both Introversion Software & Auroch Digital - so will be raffling off the games they have given us!

We have:

10 x total Steam packages (Mac / Windows or Linux) from Introversion – Darwinia, DEFCON, Multiwinia

20 x copies of Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of Night

An hour available with Auroch Digital as a consultancy session. This can be anything – from games design, how best to get into the industry in any capacity or even open to your own agenda.

You will find details on the Facebook pages for the raffles – and any questions, please ask below & I will do my best to answer them for you as we go. (Basically, like the page & the post for an entry. For extra entry's its 50p per entry on the Just Giving site)

Thanks guys!


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