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[Roleplaying Games} The One Ring by Cubicle 7: "Red Days Rising" in Tabletop Lounge

Robin SmallburrowRobin Smallburrow MrMelbourne, AustraliaRegistered User new member
Hi, my name is Tom although I am better known as Robin Smallburrow (my moniker on The One Ring forum on Cubicle 7's website). I am happy to announce that I will be running a new The One Ring adventure provided by Cubicle 7:

Red Star Rising: The clans of Rohan stand nearly at war. King Thengel hopes to secure peace with a marriage between rival families. But how can the King secure peace when so few of his people seem to desire it?

An adventure for 3-6 players set in Rohan, contemporary with The One Ring (around 2951 Third Age).

Sunday 1st November - currently my plans are to run two sessions, from around 9:30am in the Tabletop area until about 1pm, second session from around 2pm until 5:30pm. May run another session in the evening if I have enough interested players.

Pregenerated characters have been provided by Cubicle 7, and I will be providing resources for players to design their own characters if they wish.

Hope to see some Middle-earth fans there on Sunday!

Robin S.
NOTE: Cubicle 7 is not organising this event 'officially', but they have agreed to provide the adventure and pregen characters for me to run.

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