[Lego Dimensions] It's a highly sophisticated inter-locking brick system...game..



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    The GeekThe Geek Oh-Two Crew, Omeganaut Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Also, is there a preferred console for this?

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    azith28azith28 Registered User regular
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    The Geek wrote: »
    Read through the thread and what is accessible with just the starter pack is confusing.

    Primarily, I want to know if you get to play in Oz at all without having to buy the Witch pack. Is Oz part of the main story?

    Yes I agree it is a little confusing, I'll explain my experience.

    I bought the main game and the portal level pack.

    The main game has the 'story' mode, which contains one story level (Lets call this level level 1) from pretty much every 'world' and an entirely separate area that has portals to little worlds different from the story mode worlds.

    So at this point i had a level in the story mode that was portal based, as well as a portal in the separate area that lead to a different portal world (level 2), but was only accessible if i used the chell figure that came in the portal level pack.

    Now, with chell on the board, if i go into the story mode area, stand on the portal and press the 'o' key in the right spot, it opens up the computer UI, and in the level select I can select a third different portal adventure(Level 3) which activates the portal window...i jump through it with chell, and im at the third portal level that came with the level pack.

    Now with the main game i get :
    Batman gives Level 1, and 2 of the DC world
    Gandolf gives level 1, and 2 LotR world
    Wyldstyle gives level 1 and 2 of the lego movie world

    All other worlds I get only level 1 of.

    The 'fun packs' with just a figure will unlock level 2 of that characters world.
    The 'level pack's will unlock level 2 and 3 of that characters world.

    Not every world has a level 3 yet.

    As far as other characters...well I cant say yet.. It LOOKS like you can unlock one character in each story mode by finding them and releasing them with a special requirement power and that may mean that every worlds 'level 2' will be available with the main game.

    See, while batman, gandolf, and wylestyle only can trigger a limited number of special event blocks (Like using magic or using a batarang to unscrew a button), the batmobile that you build and upgrade gains other abilities that bypass other requirements. Like the highest batmobile can shatter glass apparently, and each special event block has multiple figures that will activate it, so its not like you need to buy every figure to 100% the game...(I think).

    As far as platform goes. I encountered some sound problems on the PS4 version, but I'm not sure if thats across all platforms or not.

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    King RiptorKing Riptor Registered User regular
    The Geek wrote: »
    Also, is there a preferred console for this?

    They're identical near as I can tell.

    The Wiiu version is a glitchy mess( 2 hard locks so far and a bunch of problems with the shrinking mechanic) but most Lego games are so I figure that's normal

    One Dimension is unlocked with gold bricks the others require a figure and you need a figure to play as the character. Like Doc and Marty show up in game with a full size Delorean but you can't play as them. The most annoying part is I think 4 figures aren't out yet so you can't access the worlds at all until november or later.

    Oh the portal 2 level in game is fucking amazing. This is a huge spoiler just for the conversation
    You Summon Lego HAL. Yes that HAL and he and GLaDOS have a conversation about how she isn't performing her tasks effciently

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    CururuCururu Registered User regular
    They had way too much fun with the Portal content. The Portal adventure world is amazing
    Remember those Cave Johnson recordings in the original game? Some of those are back, but there are also new ones. For example, in one room they replay the old recording about the paying mantis DNA experiments. Then, a little later, you get a quest from a Cave Johnson recording to fight off an army of LEGO Mantis Men.

    You can also rebuild the turret choir chamber. GlaDOS is less then pleased with you after that.

    She is also not a fan of the Wicked Witch of the West since she cheats.

    The area is also amazing for getting studs. I think I got about a million (with the 2x multiplier turned on) in one session there.

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