Lord of Rigel: a new space strategy game

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So over the past six months we've been working on a turn based space strategy game in the vein of Stardrive, Endless Space, Galactic Civilizations and Master of Orion called Lord of Rigel. Basically we're taking everything we like, tossing out what we disliked, and really focusing on the end game which is always a bit of a weakness in these sorts of games. Having a Babylon 5 style cold war with two elder species is our answer, basically trying to do what Master of Orion 3 was aiming for with the New Orions and Galactic Council. The big thing separating us from the flock comes down to fleshing out the universe and sticking with turn based tactical (since so many current games have real time or non-interactive cinematic tactical).

Yesterday we launched our Kickstarter campaign and released a demo!

We're developing this for PC, Mac OS, and Linux.

Key Features:
  • Turn based strategic and tactical combat
  • 10 Pre-set species with unique characteristics
  • Species customization
  • Minor species, including two Elder races waging a cold war
  • Rich technology tree ranging from lasers to artificial planets and Dyson spheres
  • Fully customizable space ships for waging war
  • Easy to grasp but deep economic system
  • Leaders, either mercenaries or from your empire, who are shaped by their successes and failures.
  • Diplomatic system that is simple, but has considerable depth
  • Several victory conditions including military, diplomatic, and research options.
  • Strategic resources that require unique strategies to acquire, hold, and exploit

Who are we?
Rhombus Studios, a relatively small company in Bellingham WA with a mix of people with industry experience in PC and mobile platforms but this is still a rather ambitious project for us. Past projects team members have done include Diaspora the freeware Battlestar Galactica space sim, Red Front for iOS, Battlestar Galactica Online, pre-production on Crytek games, and film.

Where's this demo?
Here! The demo lets you play as the Humans or Katraxi in skirmish mode. This includes tactical combat and the ship designer. You can use up to cruiser class ships and medium level technologies.

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