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Pinny Arcade - Child's Play Charity Auctions

NopeNope Frankfort, KYRegistered User regular
So LAST year, I ran a charity livestream and raffled off a DLC Pin to raise money for Child's Play

I was gonna do something like that again this year but...some stuff happened and I had to cancel the planned livestream for this weekend.

SOO! This year I have 4 pinny arcade ebay auctions set up, where the money will go directly to the Child's Play Charity, I figured I'd post them in here, where my Pinny Brethren/Sistern? be.

Limited Edition Shield Set

Full Magic the Gathering Set

Masked DSB Merch Set

Full Kemper Set

@zerzhul I checked with Tube and got the thumbs up.

If anybody has any questions or anything let me know. I tried to set the auctions sorta low ...with exception of the full Kemper set.

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