Archmage Arcane Arena

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Hello everyone,
I am very pleased to announce on behalf of Recursive Arts, our first game, Archmage. Archmage is a third person 4 vs 4 class based team multiplayer.

Screenshots available here: [URL] [/URL]

Take the role of the land's most skilful mages to bombard, teleport, confuse, trap, and electrify your way to victory. Combine spells to create new effects to sway the tide of battle in a race to recharge your crystal and escape the arena alive. The Archmage has fallen and Nahimana has descended into chaos. Do you have what it takes to be the next Archmage?



We’re a small team of 6 that have been working on our first game Archmage for the last 6 months and are very happy to finally release our game to the public.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Regards, Zachary.

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