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    Damn, I usually shake my head at the ol' "this country's going to the dogs, I'm moving to Canada" tantrums, but damned if you guys aren't making a compelling case for actually moving to Canada.

    Good luck. Last I checked, you either need prior citizenship, to marry a citizen (to start the process), or be in an in-demand STEM job.


    Any of you Canadian forumers interested in a green card marriage?

    what are you bringing to the table?

    I'm good with computers and am decently handy around the house. I can be a "Player 2" for games. Also I have a car. That's useful, right?

    But how are you against moose?

    A malnourished sheep could take me out pretty easily. I ain't messin' with no moose.


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    WiseManTobesWiseManTobes Registered User regular
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    What the heck, when I try to quote your above post Kwoaru, I get some old post of yours instead?
    Kwoaru wrote: »
    That list of canadian cabinet facts is pretty cool

    And it confused me so much I forgot what I was going to say to the comment I actually wanted to quote

    edit: ahh because you were ninja editting it to this comment as I was trying to reply!

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