GURGAMOTH LIVES - Fast-paced Party Brawl [Win/Mac]

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Gurgamoth Lives is a local multiplayer party game where by Galvanic Games where players fly, dash, and sacrifice themselves to the elder god Gurgamoth!
In an arena of sacrificial spikes, you only have seconds to prove your worth. Dash and juke opposing cultists in a fast-paced brawl to the death! The last one standing gets the honor of awakening the devourer of worlds: GURGAMOTH!!!


Gurgamoth Lives is a 2-4 player local competitive flying cultist sacrifice simulator.
Gameplay is fast and furious, relying on quick reaction times, juking skills, and your will to serve ancient evil. If a round lasts longer than a few seconds, the spike-filled walls of the arena begin to close in. Welcome to the last glorious moments of your life!


● Fast-paced party brawling!
● Lightning-quick matches!
● Full controller support!
● Tight flying mechanics!
● Excessively messy blood sacrifice!
Newly added: Taunt your opponents by shaking your booty!


Initial development has been completed and Gurgamoth Lives could use YOUR support to get greenlit on Steam. Check out a free early build of the game (Mac) (Windows),
then put those clickin' fingers to work by voting YES on our Steam Greenlight page.

Gurgamoth will thank devour you!

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