Infinite Adventures Demo: A Turn-Based Dungeon Crawling Monster Slaughter Parade

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Greetings Penny Arcade!

I've just dragged my monster-beaten body out of the monster infested Corpus Causeway to spread the news of Infinite Adventures' 2-floor dungeon demo. I didn't use any heal salves before writing this, so if my words no good make sense please blame it on my blood-loss. Here's a captivating screenshot of what wrecked our party:


...Butterbean....oh, what was I saying? Ah, the game. Here are some quick links in case I've bored you already...or end up passing out.

Demo (Browser & Standalone Download For Mac/Windows Are Found Here)

Infinite Adventures is a turn-based dungeon crawler inspired by JRPGs like Etrian Odyssey and older games like Wizardry and The Bard's Tale. You form 6-character adventuring parties and set out to explore Trinity's Infinite Labyrinth, a sprawling maze filled with subterranean predatory arthropods, child-eating bats, and traps. Lots of traps. In character creation you can choose from 5 races, 10 classes, 40 noble houses and whether your character is Highborn or Lowborn along with their gender. This reflects the size and diversity of Trinity's world, and the characters skills, stats and abilities reflect that. Combat is turn-based and requires sharp tactics to keep your party alive, and do the opposite for the mutilated creatures crawling along the labyrinth hallways. Make sure your shield is waxed and your blade is hungry. Encounters are random, as well as the maze itself - the Infinite Labyrinth is named that way for a reason. While there are 30 static dungeon floors many areas will be procedurally generated, sending your party on an ever-shifting journey. Oh, and if you're friends don't end up having their skulls gnawed on by Minotaurs you will be able to create your own dungeons using our editor and share them with your fellow survivors.

Full Disclosure: I'm copying and pasting this list while I put on a bandage to prevent myself from entering into hemorrhagic shock.

Some Features:

Endless Dungeon Crawling through both scripted and procedurally generated levels.
190+ Full Body Character Art Pieces available for character creation.
Highborn or Lowborn dynamic which determines character traits.
Strategic turn based combat against hundreds of enemies.
Skills which level up through class, race and origin based abilities.
Equipment Upgrades that unlock new traits and exploration capabilities.
Design your own Dungeon through a level editor and share them with friends.
A Sweeping Story narrative layered throughout 30 dungeon levels.

Wondering who's making this thing? Travon Santerre is an ex-Riot Games employee who has harnessed inspiration from his childhood D&D campaigns to fuel the idea behind Infinite Adventures. He has been streaming the game's development on Twitch for over a year, and he doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. Travon is the sole programmer and creator, the father of who has written the overarching framework of Trinity itself. The rest of the team is made up of two artists, Ryuu Matsuda and Yap Wee Chyi, and our composer Ryan Lee. Oh, I suppose there's me as well - Justin Hellstrom, just your standard struggling writer working hard to craft a sprawling narrative and captivating dialogue for the game. We've come together to make a game that captures the mystery and excitement of heading into a 30-hour story full of skill trees, rare treasures, and character driven plot. We hope you will give the demo a try and see what we've been up to so far. If you feel some of our magic then please give us a thumbs up on Greenlight, that is, if your hands aren't too caked with ogre entrails and gibling guts.

Go explore. Be brave. Heal excessively.





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