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Yep... i am pretty much buggered and am probably not likely to use my Sunday pass at all. There were a few things i was thinking of seeing today, but the prospect for getting more sore and tired is not overly enticing. I will just have to miss the Uncharted 4 and Witcher Wild Hunt events along with the Japanese panel i wanted to see. Along with a whole host of other stuff i could visit and see at the indie booths, tech booths and the great people at PAX.

Too tired, too sore and saw most of what i wanted to see. I didnt collect all of the lanyards i wanted but the time investment to do that is absurd. Spent so much of my time simply recuperating that i dont doubt i missed a lot of things.

Wish there were better communication going on about what is happening and where. So many times i missed something that was about to happen or is happening now simply because i didnt know about it. The guide was not much help in that regard as it only mentioned the big events.

Overall, i am happy i went and will likely go again next year.

(Also, the whole ''please line up for 2 hours to play X game'' is ridiculous)

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  • GumptiongirlGumptiongirl Registered User regular
    I agree the line times are crazy. The only game I did that for was The Division, and that nearly broke me,
    I got all Hot and Hangry. Luckily the games in the indie area are much more reasonable. :)

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    Playstation VR was a joke. Ran straight to the queue on Sunday morning to be told that I was too late to get a demo that day. They seriously need to adjust the length of their demo if they can only show it to 90 people per day

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