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[Camp Comic] Friday, November 6, 2015 - Kitchen Duty

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited November 2015 in Camp Weedonwantcha

image[Camp Comic] Friday, November 6, 2015 - Kitchen Duty

Kitchen Duty

Kitchen Duty

Read the full story here

Unknown User on


  • jasarienjasarien Registered User regular
    Soup stirring is important! Don't want it to burn the bottom of the pan, boil over, get a nasty skin on the surface, etc. I'm betting he shirks his responsibility because he thinks its lame and then ruins the soup!

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    edited November 2015
    That's so cute. She fits in the palm of his hand!
    I've found a new thumbs up image to use.

    Poor Malachi. He was so excited to help too. But stirring is possibly the most important preparation step for good soup!

    Stirring story: my grandmother once had me on stirring duty. I probably spent 30 minutes (that's in kid time) fruitlessly stirring before she realized she hadn't turned the stove top on.

    briguy on
  • mathsgeekmathsgeek Registered User regular
    They all look so suited to their roles provided, even Malachi, that's the exact face i used to pull when being told to stir the food.

  • CheddarLimboCheddarLimbo Registered User regular
    I'm looking forward to the strip twelve weeks from now where Malachi is able to resolve a conflict using his well honed stirring abilities.

  • hajenhajen Registered User regular
    Fred: natural born leader. look at him delegate with authority!

    I'm scared that
    Tanner is sharpening knives in the same panel as
    the cat. My imagination is concocting some bad imagery.

  • SargeSarge Registered User regular
    That was a stirring comic strip.

  • MinuteWaltMinuteWalt Mister Registered User regular
    Whoooo! The first one in a while that hasn't made me weep!

  • APMEWAPMEW Registered User regular
    "keep stirring the soup" my excellent detective skills lead me to believe this is more allegorical than literal

  • mecha_Billmecha_Bill Registered User regular
    Malachi wants to do something more important. What do you bet that he decides to "spice up" the soup and accidentally adds rat poison?

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    edited November 2015
    I have feeling on Tuesday we're going to have one hell of a feels day. There's going to be something in that shed that brings the happiness crashing down.

    But. But! His friends will be there to pick up the pieces and show him that he is appreciated and wanted in the world.
    And the secret ingredient to liven up the soup is definitely going to be cat. :P

    briguy on
  • SunBroSolaireSunBroSolaire Registered User regular
    Please don't be going into the food shed to silently weep over the past, you can't do that to my heart!

  • WestIndianAgoutiWestIndianAgouti Registered User regular
    Speaking of food, what's everyone's favourite dish / delicacy? Mine is chicken roti :D

  • Bregan123Bregan123 Sir ThereRegistered User new member
    Tacos de Cabeza

  • briguybriguy Registered User regular
    I can't choose a dish, but in honor of Fred, I will post the favorite thing I can cook: szechuan shrimp with rice and steamed vegetables.

  • Bluestorm83Bluestorm83 Registered User regular
    My favorite dish... Probably Eggplant Parmesan. Yeah, that's it. Or maybe a honey barbecue bacon cheddar cheeseburger on a Potato Roll. With onion rings.

  • APMEWAPMEW Registered User regular
    Have to say its pasta for me, not a drop of Italian blood in my body but man do I love Italian food

  • Pastels_ParadoxPastels_Paradox Registered User regular
    Is Fred ABSOLUTELY SURE that putting Tanner in charge of the knives is a good idea? The most likely outcome of this is Tanner accidentally (Or deliberately, let's be honest) cuts somebody's arm off.

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