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    Podly wrote: »
    I carbonated cider with my soda stream and it immediately lost its ability to form a seal on bottles until I took it all apart and soaked the pieces in the sink for a few hours to get the sticky residue off.

    I assumed the warning to only carbonate water was nonsense but I appears to be for real.

    duhhhhh the sugars in cider make it super easy to whip up. that's why when you shake a cocktail with juices in it it will get a head, whereas with a spirits based drink it will not

    i'm talking about making dry hard cider with yeasts n shiiiiit

    Oh this is a sexy idea.

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    how goes it


    all is well

    Bless your heart.
    Blameless Cleric
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    Yes yes, it's a definite ymmv situation but typically it does not favor the person who has the offer.

    Lots of shit goes on after you put those cards down on the table.

    They know you're unhappy with your job.
    They know you looked for a new job.
    They know you forced their hand and basically got a raise out of their normal cycle, increasing their budgets.

    It's not a really great position to be in. But in the end, you have to do you. If that means you'll be happier where you are, and want to take the risk that they may hit you in the next set of layoffs, then do it.

    The fact that they already laid off a group of people is a huge red flag to me already.

    not a doctor, not a lawyer, examples I use may not be fully researched so don't take out of context plz, don't @ me
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    i think it's pretty hard to get the booze above like 5% though unless you have a dedicated space for it and can do the champagne method process for several weeks for which i ain't got the god damn time or space

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    SanderJK wrote: »
    I think FO4 is an very good game, but it isn't an excellent game.
    Because ultimately I enjoy watching the clockwork universe work and fail, and I think Bethesda has gotten a lot better at item textures and environment design over two games which makes the world feel a lot better,
    a spark is missing. They essentially make like 5 different genres of games about 80% of the way there in one giant game.
    And that is unique, and part of why Bethesda releases have become 'events' in gaming.

    But every loose part has been done better elsewhere. There are games with more engaging stories, with better shooting, with much better basebuilding, with much better choice focus, with more interesting rpg systems, with more exciting exploration, with better sneaking.

    Are you going to buy the DLCs as they're released? Have you already bought the season pass?

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    bowen wrote: »
    bowen wrote: »
    Never stay with your current company once they know you want to leave, even if they offer more money.

    You basically set it up for them to find a way to replace you on their own terms, and then you are going to be the target from the next round of layoffs. It's not atypical to hear "I want you to cross train XYZ on some of your job" and eventually XYZ will be your replacement after you cross train the bare minimum of your job so that they can still operate.

    this is laughably false at some places i have worked

    bosses are like "this guy is great we want to keep him as long as we can"

    maybe you've had experiences, i'm sure it happens, but generalizing is silly

    There's a reason why it's the general advice about this.

    Not to mention why weren't they paying you what you were worth to begin with?

    yeah if you want to say "usually don't" instead of never i'm on board with that. I think if you have the conversation with your current company you will get a useful signpost from their reaction.

    i don't really think paying people what they're worth makes sense as an idea? Usually people with more experience get paid more, sometimes lots more, when that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense

    there are any number of incentives between 'the company' and you that distort salary, some in your favor! it's a complex system and you can learn to exploit it a bit, and sometimes jumping jobs a lot or resigning but then accepting a counter is the way to do that

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    Podly wrote: »
    my roommate who works for a well respected magazine based out of new york is getting courted hard by apple

    she doesn't want to take the job but i told her she should go through the process just as practice and also to find out how much moolah they want to throw at her

    they are throwing like over a 100% raise at her

    100% is huge
    This is 25% bump
    But then I'll probably get some raise since I'm coming up on a year
    So it won't be 25% anymore

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